Alpha 12: Part IV - Dialogues, Tokens, Loot and Services

Posted on March 4th, 2020 03:35 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!

While the Content and the Global updates from the previous dev blogs are pretty much set - given nothing unexpected will keep us away from adding them to the game - the following topics are a bit more a ‘What we plan to add to the game, when time permits’ thing.

(WiP NPC Dialogue with 3 answer options)

The following Prototypes have been added only recently to the Alpha 12 feature list, but have a good chance to be in the initial Alpha 12 release. If not, then in Alpha 12.1 and onwards ;-)

  • NPC Dialogue with Multi-Answer options
    Ever wondered why the bartender in one of the Pax Purgatory bars only wants to sell his beverages but has nothing to say? Want to play a round of Black Jack with those NPCs that seem to dish out cards anyhows? These are only two straight forward possibilities for the upcoming Multi-Answer NPC Dialogue system, Alpha 12 will add. The new way to set up dialogues will be configurable in its own (public) config file and you, as a creative or POI designer, will be able to ‘assign’ a dialogue to certain NPCs. We are looking forward to all the ideas our community will come up with!

  • Dynamic Key Tokens
    This is more of a technical advancement, as the game can now modify an item dynamically in the game to provide a specific function.The first implementation will for example allow the game to create an individual “Keycard”-item, giving it an integrated lock code for use with a specific device in a POI, like a door or any devivce that is using lock codes. This specific Keycard (Token) can then either be placed in a container or be added as a loot item, given via PDA or by an NPC. Of course YOU can decide what the 4-digit lock code looks like, for example using the super safe 1234 combination is always a good way!

  • Per-Container Loot Table ID
    This is where the new loot setup system comes into play. Currently the loot IDs are set in a config file, so all Zirax Soldiers drop a fixed range of items. With Alpha 12 we plan to add new settings, which will add the possibility to set certain Loot Table IDs for each container or NPC (spawners) individually and directly in your POI - overwriting the “default” Loot Table ID. This will give all creators more granular control over the loot drops for anything that has an ‘inventory’.

  • Station Services
    By those we think of services like, re-arm, refill (Fuel, O2, Pentaxid), repair and other services. To make use of these services, we plan to allow the pilot to hail the station and use a dialogue system or a specific UI to make a choice. Although this has just been added to the schedule, there is a chance for this feature to make an appearance in the main release.
Part IV of the dev blogs is concluding the initial series of 'feature reveal’ info posts.

We plan to release more detailed explanations, single-topic blogs and also in-game teasers on a regular basis, as we are nearing the Experimental stage - which will possibly start more towards early April at the earliest (No liability assumed).

Until then. Read you soon,
- Empyrion Dev Team

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