v1.11.5 March Update

Posted on March 28th, 2024 08:40 AM EST
Hello Galactic Survivalists!
In today's March update, as promised, we have provided a first set of improvements and even new content.

These include, among others
- The improvement of the sword and body shield includes an increased swing speed, an additional animation, and a glowing effect around the avatar when the shield is active.
- The UI/UX improvements have added new information and markers for the Dark Field strength on the map, as well as a warning message before landing on a planet.
- The new feature for range preview of generators allows a live preview of the effect field before final placement, for both Dark Field Neutralizers and Generators as well as regular gravity generators.
- The new content includes a gravity generator for small ships (SV) with a renewed model and various ranges, available in both game versions (with and without DLC).

Unfortunately, the "Boarding Parties" feature discussed in the recently released blog had to be postponed to the upcoming next update in April. So, your security teams have gained a little more time for training. ;)

Included in today's update, of course, are bug fixes as well as further adjustments and improvements listed below in the complete changelog.

As always: please report bugs in this forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/

We thank you all for your cooperation and patience and look forward to your feedback!

Changelog v1.11.5 B4468 2024-03-27

Dark Faction DLC
  • Strain feature on bow will now only fries when the player lets go of LMB
  • Sword speed increased (hold down LMB for continuous strikes with the sword), sparks effects & another strike animation added.
  • Added: Shield recharge bar for players to see when it’s next available & body shield shader when shield is active.
  • Added: Changed the strain controller sprite & placed it close to the center of the screen
  • Added: New icon on the HUD, Map window & galaxy map to show the Dark field strength in corrupted playfields
  • A message will appear on the HUD when entering Dark faction playfields with a Dark field

  • 01338: Structure swap will use blueprints from the player BP folder if they are named the same as what is setup in the scenario
  • Various fixes for corrupted NPC's reactions to the player
Main game & Dark Faction DLC
  • Updated Main Loca for supported languages
  • Added the possibility to see with a visualization sphere some generators area they effect which can be seen when you have f.ex a gravity gen or dark field neutralizer equipped & press alt+right click
  • Replaced gravity generator model
  • Added: GravityGenerator radius configurable in BlocksConfig.ecf
  • Added: Gravity Generators for BACV (4 variants) & for SVHV (4 variants)
  • Added: both BACV and SVHV Gravity Generators to individual Block Groups
  • Added: Gravity Generators BA/CV/SV/HV to Techtree + Crafting Templates

  • 01359: Reputation ‚Neutral‘ factions send base attacks to player & Base attack did ignore the MinimalBaseStrength parameter
  • Fix: Base attack did ignore the MinimalBaseStrength parameter
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