v1.11.4 Patch

Posted on March 5th, 2024 11:17 AM EST
Hello Galactic Survivalists!
We have some fixes ready we would like to put out & also to mention we have much more to come very soon.

As always, please report any bugs here:

If you would like to give any constructive feedback:

Changelog v1.11.4 B4467 2024-03-05

Dark Faction DLC only:
  • Itemicons for DF Ammo & Ores updated

  • Loca of DF Ammo was misplaced for some languages
  • Multiple fixes made for Co-op mode to work with the “Rise of the dark faction scenario” & Improved DF Scenario start for Coop compatibility. In Co-op for this scenario when the Self destruct in the Vanguard vessel at the beginning is triggered a new spawn location will be activated for anyone joining the session after.

Main game & Dark Faction DLC:
  • Itemicons for Ores updated
  • Updated Dialogues/Loca/PDA (DE,IT,FR,ES,PTb,RU,ZHs)
  • Added: PDA Chapter visibility restriction "MultiplayerOnly"

  • Fixed issues with empty dialogues for some languages (Please recheck!)
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