Alpha 11.1: Stabilization, new stock Blueprints

Posted on November 22nd, 2019 06:07 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Today we release Alpha 11.1 as a 'stabilization update' for Alpha 11. As the name indicates, we primarily focused on bugfixing and a few more refining changes.

For 11.1 we temporarily have reverted the new galaxy map to the previous version, as the new map needs more refinement.
Please feel free to tell us, if you want to either stay with this known map or if you would prefer to go with the new one - with some fixes and adaptions, of course. In the latter case, please give us feedback what needs to be improved to finally replace the old one - thanks a lot :)

Please continue to use the feedback and info threads pinned over here[] for any ideas and suggestions on those topics.

With regards to the CPU system, we also started to add new, CPU-compliant stock Blueprints and also retired some of the old ones from that category. Please not only check out the additions in your game's Blueprint Libary (F2) but also head over to the 'Vessel and Base BLUEPRINTS'[] section in our new creators forum, where you can comment on each of the new models - and even download the retired blueprints if you like to still use them.

Thanks a lot in advance for reporting any bug and issue in our bug-forum[]

Before making a bug report, please read about how to use the bug section[]

Also, ahead of reporting any issue, please have a quick look at the KNOWN ISSUES[]

And now: have fun playing :-)


RELEASE Alpha 11.1 2019-11-22 (Build 2717)

- Planet Life Manager - animals are not spawned if player is more than 150 meters above or below them
- Runtime memory check which informs when memory is too low and forces low quality textures if necessary. It will now account for memory used by the game itself
- Console command 'destroy' now removes the entity immediately without showing it dead for some time. Use 'destroy <id> -dead' if you want the old behaviour
- added server-side muting of players incl. new console cmd 'mute'
- Set shadow distance in Best setting to 300 meters (old: 140) and in Good setting to 150 meters (old: 60)
- Mountains on planet outside view of class 2 planets are now 10% less high to not stick through the atmosphere
- Dedi will not add new playfields to a playfield server if this server needs more than 6GB of total memory
- Dedi now checks if emptied pf server uses too much memory, if yes process is killed instead being managed as idle server again
- Reworked and added new CPU-compliant stock Blueprints (they have a unique name compared to the old ones; thanks to Jennyphurr, Vermillion, Kieve, Zovya, Frigidman, jmcburn, sulusdacor)
- Retired some older stock Blueprints (retired ones will be made available in the forums)
- SpotlightBlocks are now available from the beginning (previously starting at Techtree level 3)

- Fix bug that dedicated server asked a playfield server to load several playfields if player join in very short time
- Better fix for 'gents' dedi console command mixing entities on a playfield server that loads several playfields
- Proper fix for sporadic 'Exceeded entity id list' exception
- Fixed pooling of drone prefabs. Activated pooling for Zirax prefabs (as example)
- Fix for sporadic warning messages on playfield servers: 'Cannot save FOW database for player X'
- Fixed for not possible to connect to a locally started dedi a second time, if there was a password set on the second start of the dedi
- Better fix for NRE exception with GetTemperatureAt() (=loading/unloading of playfield data)
- Old Mod interface: Event_GlobalStructure_List lists structures in multiple playfields (final fix)
- Completely hiding HUD with F6 while in a vessel and exiting keeps Toolbar vanished when trying to show again
- Ship max speed changing when turning
- ArgumentNullException in PF logs after warping to another playfield
- Fix for NRE when warping between Tull and Omkar Orbits
- Instances are broken
- Cruise mode for every direction but forward is not applying the correct speed
- In control panel -> CPU Statistics some incoherence with the CPU costs bug fixed
- [MP] No sound is heard from explosives blocks when placed
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