v1.8.2 Hotfix

Posted on June 22nd, 2022 09:20 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!

In addition to the previous patch here is the changelog for v1.8.2 with some fixes we have been working on & more to come soon.
Have fun and please report bugs and problems as usual - thanks a lot!

Report bugs and issues for the public release right over here:

2022-06-22 v1.8.2 B3846

  • Changed: Quest missions are not deleted after leaving a planet anymore. (r 46728)
  • Added: Pirates crashed vessel (prepare for Questlines on Skillon)
  • Added: occasional FireRain weather effect added to Skillon
  • Changed: Slightly reduced amount of Corndog bushes in crashsite area on Skillon
  • Changed: Added more (dangerous) enemies to Skillon (removed Megalonopses)
  • Changed: Collection Point logic changed (removed Admin Core. Placed more loot)
  • DISCLAIMER: All changes made to Skillon will not apply in an ongoing savegame! New start on Skillon is required to see the changes!
  • 00248: CV Passenger seat glitch
  • 00255: 3PV camera glitch in tunnels with a low ceiling
  • 00252: Some terrain deco can increase in size after being knocked down
  • Fixed: Video Manuals sometimes looping when watched already
  • Fixed: Removed PDA item from non-Akua start loadout
  • Fixed: Ripper dogs view range was set to 5m instead of 50
Updated Default MP scenario:
  • Fixed 00257: Tutorial does not start
  • Fixed some missing Localization Keys
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