Posted on June 15th, 2022 09:09 AM EST
Hello Galactic Survivalists!

After four experimental versions we are releasing the public version 1.8 of Empyrion Galactic Survival today! :)

The main themes of version 1.8 are the following:
A new game start on the moons of Akua, Ningues, Masperon and Skillon.
A new and improved Robinson Protocol tutorial & a first iteration of a quest system.
Improved AI behavior, including all-new creatures on land, in water and in the air!
First batch of visually overhauled playfields, including all-new models for above-ground rock resources & new deco.
Lots of new toys for content creators, e.g. with new PDA and Dialogue functionalities.

There is of course a lot more! For full details on all of the additions, updates, and fixes, check out the changelog below!

As always, let us know what you think about the changes in our feedback forums:

Please post any bugs and errors in our bug forum.

Please do NOT post bugs here in the blog or other discussions, otherwise these important messages might get lost or overlooked!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all those who, during the experimental phases, have been undauntedly throwing themselves into the latest changes, helping us with bug reports and comments to work towards a successful release!

We would also like to thank you for your continued help and that of all the new players who have - and will be - joining us. That's what makes a great community!

For now, have fun playing version 1.8! :)
Eleon Dev Team

Important notes:
Because we added the new decoration to more planets, all our Official Servers will be wiped.
For modders: You have to update Unity to v2021.3.2f1

v1.8 B3842


New game start:

The game start has been completely reworked and may be very different from the previous game experience in the default scenario. Especially for players who have been in the game for a while, there might be some new strategies that can be pursued on the way up into space.
Exploration will play a more important role than in the previous game start versions!

New tutorial:

For our new players we offer a revised ‘Robinson Protocol’ tutorial on the starting moon of Akua.

The new tutorial starts after you crash on the planet with picking up your equipment lying around. The new Robinson Protocol keeps track of all your activities and gives you situational tips and hints whenever you do something for the first time!

There is no prescribed procedure to follow. So just try it out, explore the surroundings and do what you like!


Once you've gotten around the world a bit, you can accept one or several quests at a time from the NPCs.

Each quest is related to a specific activity. For example, finding a certain animal or obtaining an item. You will find the corresponding quest item specially marked in your inventory. It cannot be sold and will not be lost when you die.

You can always see the progress of your quests and what exactly you need to do for them in the PDA and in the associated factions quest log.

You can also drop quests there without having to visit the quest giver.

Updated playfields:
Alien, Arid, BarrenMetal, Desert, Lava, LavaNascent, MoonNascent, MoonForest, MoonIce, MoonIce2, MoonLava, MoonLava2, Prairie, Temperate, TemperatePlateau, TemperateSwamp.


  • We have worked on some optimisations for the game which should result in your FPS increasing by at least 10 or more when inside or outside a structure (player made bases & vessels, POI's etc) depending on your hardware!
  • LOD Distance (Low, Medium & High) now sets the distance for render range of objects
New NPC’s added:
  • “Gliding Overseer” (Skillon)

  • “Annoying Mosquito” “Stuns” the player (Masperon > Swamp)

  • "Butterflies" that give "Bandage" heal to the player ( Akua > Forests )

  • "Salavge Drones" (Skillon)

  • “Fish” (Akua > Water/Deep Water)
Status effects & medical item changes:
  • On screen messages for Mitigation & Cures for Status effects updated:
  • These can be seen on the top center of the HUD & in the player inventory window > “Stats” > Place your cursor over the Status effect icon

  • Changed: First Aid Kit now restores up to 250 HP; Detox/Decon Kit do not restore HP anymore. Health Pack does not cure Open Wound anymore
  • Changes to Medical items in ItemConfig:
  • Removed negative buffs from all of them except:
  • RadImmunityShot = unchanged
  • EnergyPills:
    1. Positive buff chance from 0.8 to 1
    2. BadTrip chance from 0.1 to 0.35
    3. PoisonFood chance from 0 to 0.1
  • AdrenalineShot - BadTrip chance from 0 to 0.2
PDA Changes:
  • Enhanced PDA: Added new Check 'BiomeChanged' to check for entered or left biomes
  • PDA: Added new Checks "PlayerLevelUp" and "PlayerStatChanged" to compare player stats with a specified value. How to use:
    Setup of PDA Check "PlayerLevelUp":
  • use "Value" parameter to specify the level the player has to reach so that the Action gets completed
  • example: Value: 5
Setup of PDA Check "PlayerStatChanged":
  • Use "Names" parameter to specify an expression in the form "stat-name comparison-operator compare-value"
  • The action gets completed when the respective stat value changes from a "condition not satisfied" value to a "condition satisfied" value
  • This prevents the action from insta-completing if at the moment the Check becomes active the value is already "condition satisfied"
  • example: Names: []
  • as soon as the player's Food value decreases from 100 or above (condition not satisfied) to below 100 (condition satisfied) the Action gets completed
  • supported stat-names: Health, Food, Oxygen (1), ArmorO2 (2), Radiation, Temperature (3)
    1. this is the player's personal little oxygen reserve to not immediately have the "No Oxygen" alarm when, e.g. going under water
    2. this is the oxygen in the armor suit the player has equipped (as displayed in the life stats UI)
    3. this is the player's body temperature
  • supported comparison-operators: <, <=, >, >=, ==, !=
[expand type=showmore] Some more info:
Setup of PDA Check "DayNightChange":
  • use "Names" parameter to specify "Sunset" or "Sunrise"
  • example: Names: []
Setup of PDA Checks "PlayfieldLeft" and "PlayfieldTypeLeft":
  • identical to "PlayfieldEntered" and "PlayfieldTypeEntered":
  • respectively specify the playfield name or the playfield type name (from "PlanetType" in playfield yaml)
  • example for PlayfieldTypeLeft: Names: []
  • PDA: Added new Checks "StatusEffectApplied" and "StatusEffectRemoved" (setup via Names parameter)
  • PDA: Added new Check "PlantHarvested" (setup like ItemsPickedUp)
Config file changes:
  • Implementation of supporting a "_PoiGroupsConfig.yaml" file in Prefabs folders.
    (see _PoiGroupsConfig_example.yaml in ../Content/Configuration)
  • DialogueSystem: Update function OpenHtmlWindow & added CloseHtmlWindow()
    (see Dialogues-config-and-examples.txt in ../Content/Configuration)
  • Added new config file DamageMultiplierConfig.ecf to allow grouping damage multipliers in one file
    (see DamageMultiplierConfig.ecf in ../Content/Configuration)
  • DamageMultiplierConfig.ecf: added console command parameter "reloaddata dm" to reload the DamageMultiplierConfig.ecf
  • Templates.ecf: Simplified templates & replaced Iron components with PlasticMaterial components for some basic devices and tools (ArmorLight, Chainsaw, small SV/HV generator, Small BA generator,Player Bike,Deco Blocks, Core, Flashlight, Survival Tent); Preparing introduction of Carbon as a dedicated resource.
  • Templates.ecf: slightly modified templates (simplified) for medical items following the new progression
  • Factions.ecf: now outputting an error message on startup when a faction name contains an illegal character
  • DialogueSystem: added variable type dbglobalpoi_int to be globally valid for a poi/npc
  • Added automated machine translations for DE,FR,IT, ES and RU as a test of the process
  • Updated unity to 2021.3.2f1
  • Now it is possible to equip light armor and boosters from inventory without an armor locker.
  • Core handling logic change: now if the LAST core gets removed, the structure is set to NoFaction (old: if any core was removed). This allows POIs with more than 1 core for higher difficulty.
  • Added console cmd "rd bp" to reload the blueprint headers + poi config yaml files
  • Added a warning to the changemode console command
  • Added Detector (handheld) as physical device

  • New resource rock models

  • Implemented a Join Queue system for MP servers (example can found found in the stock dedicated.yaml or paste this in to a current dedicated.yaml):
    ### Number of players that will be put into a waiting queue if the server is full PlayerLoginFullServerQueueCount: 10 ### If specified, the number of parallel logins to a server are restricted to this number. This is important when you expect a big number of people to login at the same time PlayerLoginParallelCount: 5 ### Add steam ids for preferred players that will get a better position in the login queue PlayerLoginVipNames: "steamID1,steamID2,steamID3"
  • ModAPI: Added function IStructure.SetColorOfBlocks(list-of-data) for setting colors of multiple blocks with one function call (and also only one network transfer)
  • Optimisations done for the oxygen system: With this you should notice less lag spikes when deconstructing a structure & no more crashes like what was reported here https://empyriononline.com/threads/game-crash-while-building-on-the-wreakage-previously-named-heidleberg-8164.98851/
  • 00024: Distant warp lines not showing after map is open
  • 07167: Taking off armor with the jetpack still enabled doesn't disable jetpack ability.
  • 00023: Firing sound plays on loop on death of player.
  • 07634: Vessel toolbar doesn't update what attached devices have been destroyed until exiting.
  • Avatar animation glitch after switching from 1PV to 3PV camera. See here https://empyriononline.com/threads/player-pinwheels-in-3rd-person-7178.91846/
  • 'NoSkip: True' doesn't work with Description set for chapter start anymore
  • 00055: Setting up a door with a motion sensor that requires a Token does not block the door
  • 07993: Possible to get damaged whilst in a cockpit with shields enabled
  • BP Group menu: Tags are cleared when POI is saved again
Default Multiplayer:
  • Changed Player Start to Akua, Skillon, Masperon and Ningues
  • Added Tutorial for new players
Invader vs Defender:
  • Added Tutorial for new players
  • Added the new NPCs to Atlon, Itaka, Merdar and Korro
  • Added "TalonCrossbowPlayer" to "TalonBasicsAndCommodities"
  • Added new Decoration on the Starting Planets
  • Updated all random generated playfields to the latest version
  • Added TemperatePlateau, Snow2 and DesertBurnt to the Galaxy Generation
  • Removed Ocean Planet from the Galaxy Generation
  • Player Start always in Crash Site on Atlon, Mato, Itaka, Taldor and Korro
  • Player request: Added deposits back to the Void
  • Player request: Changed resources in Cygnus System
  • Player request: Reduced deposits on all PvE planets

  • Fixed PlayerStart sometimes under the POI
  • Fixed bbcode color tags visible in dialogue window on Traders
  • Fixed Wildlife Cam & Weaponized Negotiations Mission
  • Fixed Taldor not showing on the System Map
  • Fixed Cygnus System couldnt be selected on the Galaxy Map for Warp
  • Fixed reward not been given when player completed "The Gold Freighter Mission" successful
  • Fixed strange GroundFog on Merdar due to water update
  • Fixed spawners on TSO_Polaris01 (wrong faction)
  • Fixed typo in Void description
  • Fixed typo in Polaris Distillery POIs
  • Fixed asteroid names in Golden Phoenix Asteroid Field
  • Fixed white sector icons in Cygnus System
  • Fixed Pulse Laser Turret missing (retractable) from the localization

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