v1.7.9 Patch

Posted on April 14th, 2022 03:37 AM EST
Hello Galactic Survivalists!

We have some changes & fixes now released on the public branch.

As always please note:
Report bugs and issues for the public release right over here:

Patch: 2022-04-14 v1.7.9 (B3724)

  • Added new config files "_PoiGroupsConfig.yaml" & DamageMultiplierConfig.ecf
    See "_PoiGroupsConfig_example.yaml" & "DamageMultiplierConfig.ecf" in ../Content/Configuration
  • DialogueSystem: Update function OpenHtmlWindow & added CloseHtmlWindow():
    See Dialogues-config-and-examples.txt in ../Content/Configuration
  • Implemented a Join Queue system for MP servers (example can found found in the stock dedicated.yaml):
    ### Number of players that will be put into a waiting queue if the server is full # PlayerLoginFullServerQueueCount: 5 ### If specified, the number of parallel logins to a server are restricted to this number. This is important when you expect a big number of people to login at the same time # PlayerLoginParallelCount: 5 ### Add steam ids for preferred players that will get a better position in the login queue # PlayerLoginVipNames: "steamID1,steamID2,steamID3"
  • When player has to much money on his Bank Account, Station Services don't work
  • Missing icons "Datapads", "ExplorerToken" etc
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