V1.1.x Patches

Posted on August 24th, 2020 03:00 AM EST
Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Here are the changelogs for the v1.1.x patches. Have fun and please report bugs and problems as usual - thanks a lot!


2020-08-24 Patch v1.1.5 (Build 3077)

- Tutorial: Added Stomach Pills to Large Wreckage Personal Container
- Added/updated soundtracks for biomes, POI and general use
- Star search in galaxy map: added result list and possibility to search for planets and moons
- Planet generation: moved part of the generation to use the unity job system and burst compiler to improve speed as a test
- Traders:
1. added possibility to open a dialogue when talking to a trader (use OpenTraderWindow() in the dialogue to switch to the trader window
2. added possibility to use 'zone traders' that get their trader type from the zone they are in (either set the TraderZone in the playfield.yaml or in the POI properties)
3. added possibility to use a factor to the MarketPrice in TraderConfig.ecf
- improved "pda rd" console cmd (check help)
- DialogueSystem: added possibility to talk with entity NPCs
- New: PDA Info: added info to right side PDA screen WHICH mission needs to be played to unlock the chapter
- Slightly brighter nights and less dark areas by setting Color Gradient Black In from 0.065 to 0.035
- DialogueSystem: added variable type dbplayerpf_int that is only valid in the current playfield
- NPC entity dialogs: removed NPCDialog from eclassconfig and moved into spawner. Removed need for manually adding EAI task to rotate to player.
- PlanetGeneration: small improvement to stamping by generating rotated stamps only on demand
- Entity NPCDialog: added name of dialog and only entity name as fallback, if entity is dead: show existing loot prompt
- Added Entity-Dialogue example to Dialogues.ecf and EClassConfig.ecf
- Added Entity-Dialogue setup docu to head area of EClassConfig.ecf
- Updated a few stock blueprints: added detectors, fixed signals
- Updated: Xenu Weapon Bunker, Epsilon Com Center (adv + standard), Xenu Defense IV (Zirax)
- Updated: Rados POIs (Zirax)
- Updated: Abandoned Reactor (The Legacy)
- Updated: TSP_Variant2 (planet) & TSO_Variant2 (orbit/sector)
- Replaced: CV Prefab T5 with CORE Warchain
- Added: Kriel Overseer T1, T2 and Subjugator
- Added: New Pirates ambush POIs
- Added: CV Magpie (Civilian)
- Added: New CivilSettlement variants
- AI drone : add the console command 'aim info' to get a set of info regarding AI drones and AI vessels

- Freighters dont respawn on Destroy Core or re-Core
- NearUnit/NearPOI do not trigger when teleported into trigger area
- Bombs deployed from bomber drones sometimes do not explode when they land on terrain
- Fix for reported exception when opening another solar system in MP that contained instances
- AI vessels teleporting away from the player after taking damage
- Fix for wrong water texture when starting a creative game
- COQ after destroying all AI ships and changing playfield
- AI space vessels keep moving when their rear facing thrusters have been destroyed
- Fix for DialogNPC rotating although it is set to not rotate
- Tutorial is not set to easy but to the default settings (now uses a normal gameoptions.yaml file)
- SSG: fixed 3D preview not showing correct height of terrain
- CoQ for NPC Spawner
- Fix for dialog not getting saved in Blueprints
- [MP] Logistics: 'Access Device' sometimes not working
- Missing parameters in Space_Dynamic.yaml
- AI vessels are sometimes not visible or actually there when approaching their HUD marker
- Missing parameters in Space_Dynamic.yaml (RestrictToOrigin)
- Potential fix for player data file growing big when player visited a lot of instanced playfields
- an exploit
- Added error message instead of CoQ if a entity spawner contains an entity that is not defined in the config file
- Fix for retractable turrets that had animation issue when turned on or off, or when reloading the game


2020-08-13 Patch v1.1 (Build 3065) (sorry, initially only announced in our forum)

- Build settings window: added shortcuts Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-R, Ctrl-D, Ctrl-F, Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Shift-Z when the N popup is open (blocking nearly all other shortcuts when the N menu is open)
- Build settings window: added shortcuts for rotating a block (scroll wheel) and toggling through axes (right mouse button)
- Build settings window: middle mouse button will toggle through selection mode (move, scale, rotate)
- Increased availability of Titanium ore and rods in loot drops
- Tutorial Scenario: Increased ores in Distress-Signal wreckage (Personal Container)
- Trading Station POI (Zirax, Polaris, Trader) with Admin Cores have their SBD feature deactivated
- Commodity: Phoenix Fern Fronds and Trumpet Greens can be bought and sold at Aunt Mary and Talon traders
- Console command 'di' is limited now to 50 meters
- Limiting number of worker threads on a dedicated server to 8 and on a playfield server to 5 to improve the overall system performance on servers with many cores
- DB: Sqlite setting journal_mode to WAL now (only for new savegames)
- Tutorial: Added Growing Plots and Light to containers
- Tutorial: Fixed issue with important message not popping up
- Tutorial: Increased display time of a few messages
- DB: removed port number from IP address if server chose to log them
- DB: setting journal_mode to MEMORY in the hope of increasing write performance
- DialogueSystem: added access to player's ExperiencePoints, Level, UpgradePoints

- Detector devices cannot detect entities on the other side of the world seam
- Base attack troops when underwater stop moving when close to the players base
- Fixed OriginDefault from gameoptions.yaml not sent to clients in MP games
- Fixed: Wrong chapter number for Ancient Revelations displayed in main storyline
- Fix for system map not allowing to select planet info for current planet
- Fixed not able to warp to some stars when setting the language to Turkish (and probably others, too)
- Player POV & player map icon can become unaligned
- Plants don't grow when far away from them
- Avatar size glitch after spamming blocks that players can use to sit
- Fixed: Teleporter on Xenu Mainframe deactivating on explosion of station
- Fixed: Tutorial Kaidan dialogue end leads to a Continue-or-Quit (COQ)
- some CoQ's
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