Ascension RE - Unchained 1.6

Hostname Ascension Unchained 1.8 w/Reverse Engineering
Status Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 1 / 50
Location United States of America
Version v1.7.9
Platform Windows
Registered by Tevishtszaat
Registered since September 22nd, 2021 02:49 PM EST
Last update October 4th, 2021 06:49 PM EST

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This scenario takes the Reforged Eden 1.6 scenario to the next level with "Classes" for multiplayer servers. Features a variety of tweaks such as 200 LY Teleport, double capacity up-gradable Pentaxid, Tweaked CPU and SV Mass, Realistic Melee damages with NPC's, RPG style Gains and Losses, Food no longer kills you for safe afk mode (It affects Vision and stamina instead).

Ascension RE-UnChained -recoded - MMO (Official - NO Wipes)
Connection Info

- Added NPC Core, Auxiliary Core, and Quantum CPU craftables to skills Menu and Constructors.
- New Craftables in Ascension Skills Menu
- New Water Well Blocks added for Terrain placement and/or Base
- Water Blocks on Base do not permit h20, hydrogen, or water Generators
- Terrain Water Well Blocks do permit h20, hydrogen, and water Generators for placement on any Planet type.
-Terrain Waterwells need replenished over time, but Base pools do not deteriorate.
- New Pets added to crafting Menus'
- Ripper Dogs
- Raptors
- many more to come :)
- Armor Tweaks enhanced (epic Armors can perform Iron Man flight)
- Hv's can now destroy a CV and compete with SV's
- 200 LY Teleport for Base and CV's alike
- 200 LY Warp for CV's
- 200 AU Warp for SV's
- Two Pentax Tanks (1 adv / 1 reg)
- 60k Bastion Shields for CV's, 20k Adv Shields, 50k Regen
- 35k Heavy Shields for SV's/HV's
- Extenders for all Containers have been revamped. 10 extenders make 640k Volume Capacity for CV/Base. 6 Extenders
make 128k volume Capacity for SV/HV.
- Revamped time to craft for all Craftable's to a more realistic speed. (Faster) [reducing need for multiple constructors /
deconstructor Farms] resulting in less server lag.
- Removed death for lack of food and affected stamina instead. You can now go AFK without dying, just hard to walk
- Implemented Fall Affects for trees and other Deco.
- CV's can use some turrets on Planets and damages have been adjusted accordingly when on Planet.
- 6 Origins Created
- PVE and PVP interlaced where a PVP planet or play-field will be present in most Sectors.
- Wireless tweaked to match Technology and now reaches 2000 meters.
- Radiation has been adjusted on CV's/SV's/HV's and Bases fixing multiple issues that caused holes to develop in ships
during tight maneuvers or Warping. SV's now fly like fighter jets as the Radiation levels were hampering functionality of
supported systems by the Generator settings.
(most likely got overlooked during development of other features and they level of Radiation was way out of hand as a
- All Armors have been tweaked. Each has various Carry capacity, fall damage and speed modifiers reflective of player expectations.
- Medical positive effects have been lengthened to 20 minutes in most cases.
- Negative effects from ticker damages have been tweaked to be more realistic.
- Loot has been adjusted in some starter areas to better assist explorers with Medical drops.
- Melee combat and speed has been modified to be more MMO oriented resulting in a better immersion experience as well
as being able to see animations never seen before due to speed of execution. (edited)
- Cyborg and Guards have been revamped and are available for purchase from UCH Stations.
- Base mobile Guards
- Added Mechanoid Guards to crafting Menu
- Added Mech Guards to crafting menu.
- Added White Armor Guards (Cyborg) to crafting Menu
- Added Androids to crafting menu
- Added Zirax Spawner to crafting menu.