[EU] Space Life Online / PvE

[EU] Space Life Online / PvE
Address spacelife.online:30000
Hostname [EU] Space Life Online | PvE | W/V On | Custom
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 3 / 100
Location Europe
Version Alpha 10.0.0
Platform Windows
Website https://spacelife.online
Registered by SifVerT
Registered since November 13th, 2018 09:48 AM EST
Last update May 10th, 2019 11:04 AM EST

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[EU] Space Life Online - PvE server

Currently running Space Life Online version 4. Welcome in!

- Mass & Volume enabled
- Physical Auto-Miners disabled, you can use virtual ones that cannot mine advanced ores
- Challenging PvE settings
- Medium NPC difficulty with modding to high-tier mobs to boost difficulty where needed
- Tweaked config
- Portable Constructor cannot craft more than the most basic of things
- Some high tier templates made only craftable with an Advanced Constructor
- Better SV cockpit HP
- Unlimited size class limits
- Spawn in blueprints up to class 10
- Stronger than Eleon default drone base attacks (tweaked)
- NPC Patrol Vessels - Planets and in space

Scenario & Story:
- Very customized Akua-Omicron, applying Eleon's updates to content etc
- We follow the lore of Eleon vanilla, the "canon" plus expand on it
- Story implementation, actively adding missions for increased immersion
- Custom content; planets, POIs and missions
- Several instances
- NPC Ship Store where you can buy ships

Gameplay & Progression:
- Relatively grindy server, reaching the end too quickly in a game with no end-game yet what is that?
- Efforts to encourage player trading
- Heavily rebalanced loot distribution for POIs to avoid easy mode
- People start from a centralized starting location where the player chooses difficulty
- From very easy to ultra-hard starter planets, planets carefully tuned for the difficulty setting
- Loot chances increase with the difficulty of the chosen planet
- All high tier resource deposits guarded by POIs
- Frequently restored deposits

- Helpful admin :)
- An Admin who has declared war on easy mode finding the vanilla game way too easy
- Plus other unmentioned features, welcome aboard

Space Life Online is NOT an official Eleon Game Studios Empyrion game server and any contact regarding the service must be done on https://spacelife.online or OUR Discord.

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