[EU] Space Life Online / PvE / Hard

[EU] Space Life Online / PvE / Hard
Hostname [EU] Space Life Online / Hard / PvE / Drone Attacks / PVs
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Location Europe
Version Alpha 8.7.1
Platform Windows
Registered by SifVerT
Registered since November 13th, 2018 09:48 AM EST
Last update November 25th, 2018 06:10 PM EST

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This is an Empyrion server with customized and home-made POIs. Attempts to regulate difficulty. Patrol Vessels, which are quite hard, already on starter planet, challenging from the start. High size class allowance.Teleporter access in some locations, although none causing "ez-mode" but added for sci-fi realism.

Balanced difficulty setting

Regenerated rich deposits, however they aren't absurdly full or "too conveniently" located or too plentiful.

Start from scratch (escape shuttle), no "ez-mode" and hard base attacks setting, but the difficulty setting isn't on a dull level where you get one-shot by even simpler mobs. You don't get but the most basic of things to start with. Add to that a patrolling larger vessel, much harder to deal with than those petty drones.


1. Adding custom quests is on the agenda and also certain instances (isolated playfield with MMORPG style instance). The limitation yet in Empyrion programming for PvE quests is adding a few kinds of quest conditions.

Universe size isn't prioritized and arguably it's more important to add content rather than a lot of empty space. A common issue may be that one travels a far distance to find only a few interesting buildings.

2. Some further added non-user craftable loot which is in ways better than things you make in your good 'ol constructor. The vision is to make raiding POIs and doing quests more meaningful. Perhaps we'll consider the craftable stuff to be standard issue and loot to be above the ordinary. This might make PvP and PvE reconcile better too where PvE equipped players have a certain advantage over those who merely craft their things. Obviously this loot is to be acquired in almost absurdly hard POIs ;-)

3. Might take measures to make progression harder without making the experience dull, an issue of Empyrion can be that you feel fed with a silver spoon what you need.

What we aren't

No so-called p2w (pay to win) elements whatsoever, donations are donations and not purchases. I (the server owner) consider this a hobby project and so I only spend myself what I'd do for any hobby.

Very brief technical specs

Xeon server with 32 GB RAM. Might upgrade if the server grows, should suffice at the moment.

Final words

Feel free to join and you may surely discover what of custom things being added as we go. And my apologies for a too long presentation of the server, but at least you get the vision of it.

By the way, if you find the challenges yet too easy then go on and tell me.

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