Alpha 10.3: Improvements and Bug Fixes - Part III

Posted on July 15th, 2019 05:59 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists,

we just released Alpha 10.3, please check the changelog below.

Thanks again for your ongoing feedback and bug reports :)

Empyrion Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.3.0 (Build 2531)

Updated Base Attack:
- Added "Time to next attack" to Registry and Control Panel stat window: you will now roughly know when your bases will be attacked
- Swap out Last Attack time with Next Attack time in Base control panel
- A base that is under attack will now not be unloaded (DSL) anymore when a player goes far away

- Added Anti-Grief Zone also around Space Asteroids similar to Resource Deposits on planets (when enabled in gameoptions)
- Structures are now set to invisible before they get DSL'ed
- Planetary Trading Stations are now discoverable on planets like other POIs (before: on some planets, they had reduced HUD distance due to cluttering)
- Orbital Trading Stations have now a slightly increased discovery distance (2500m)
- Orbital Trading Stations of Polaris faction are now not displayed with Admin map tag anymore
- Since we introduced the new hitscan logic, we do not allow that ships can damage itself any more
- Base Attack: size has now a slightly stronger impact on BAP

- Hitscan and 3rd Person View
- Using an ADMIN POI Core makes Polaris, Talon Visable on Map
- When using Discovery=false in playfield.yaml there is no map icon shown
- Sometimes on game entry no structure was DSL'ed
- Hud NPC health bar not at correct value, in some cases
- Some wreckage POIs had no player spawner block (=> player spawned outside in strange positions)
- When spawning in some blueprints they lose their device list & signals setup
- Some blueprints can have missing parts in the visible preview & after spawning in
- Invisible blocks in blueprint spawn preview
- Clone chamber: not possible to paint/texture below
- Wall Mounted sentry view clipping into wall and CAN shoot through wall
- Clipping issue with mini-gun turret
- POI ShieldGenerator not automatic 100%
- Uncontrolled ship rotation after take off from the planet
- When close to walkway & shutter window blocks the avatar can continue moving with no directional key presses
- Incorrect structure color palette selected with C/T tool
- Sit in cockpit and leave can give CoQ
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