Alpha 10.2: Improvements and Bug Fixes - Part II

Posted on July 2nd, 2019 03:48 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We released Alpha 10.2 with more bugs fixes and improvements. Please check out the changelog below.


Empyrion Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.2.0 (Build 2521)

Updated Base Attack:
- Base Attacks now depend on presence of drone base: If the drone base has been destroyed or there is no drone base on a planet => no base attacks (see new label "Drone Base" in Stat window)
- Display message when a drone base has been deactivated
- Base attack will now spawn 600m from the edge of the base (not from the center of it)

Updated Behavior of Pangolin and Triceratops:
> the old charging behavior was removed where the animal tried to run over the position of the player in a straight line, causing damage along the way. This did not always work and sometimes lead to player damage without visible reason
> New behavior:
when calm:
- the animals use the same behavior as for example Parasaur - wandering the land, considering the terrain and avoiding buildings
- if they see player, they currently ignore him.
when shot:
- they run to the player and then use melee attack with occasional roars
- the range of pangolin attack was reduced from 7 to 4 meters (it is possible to evade the attack)

- Internal optimizations
- Increased render distance of thruster and mounted weapons
- Apply click-able links to PDA Window Description panel.
- Slight color improvements on planet map
- PdaWindow: add format option to yaml to allow to print mapped hotkey to PDA messages.
- PDA now takes into account custom keybinding, i.e. if you change your keybinding, PDA will take this into account. You have to use eg {keybind(Map)} or {keybind(Inventory)}

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Shield does not protect player in open cockpit
- Fixed: Shooting at NPC Faction POI with active shield does not have any effect on Reputation
- Fixed: Explosive blocks missing explosion effect
- Fixed: Sound and visual effects of weapon hit is missing
- Fixed: New Drill destroys everything around
- Fixed: CoQ triggered after multiple playfield changes
- Fixed: [MP] CoQ triggered after closing the logistics window & reopening it
- Fixed: Adjust Block Collider to prevent shots / interactions through them
- Fixed: Passenger is booted out of active turret control as soon as AI is trying to shoot at a target
- Fixed: Textures on solar panels looked different depending on angle of sun light
- Fixed: Back button in constructor visible although no back-target set
- Fixed: PlanetLife: spawn points underneath bases, that are not completely touching the ground could get spawned
- Fixed: Title menu buttons Single and Coop still visible when going back to title menu after clicking Back button.
- Fixed: 'Heavy landing gear 2' & 'Landing gear 2' misaligned
- Fixed: SSG 3D preview texturing
- Fixed: CT Tool: Using Replace Mode on Walkway with Textures leads to vanishing blocks
- Fixed: Exception reported from servers: sometimes playfield server reports too early unload of playfield, leading to errors
- Possible fix for error message found in logs '-ERR- Double faction found'
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in logs
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