Posted on March 5th, 2019 04:53 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released the EXPERIMENTAL version of Alpha 9.5. Even though it is a relatively small update for our standards, we decided to increase the version number to 9.5 since it has more content than just a hotfix.

CHANGELOG: Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 9.5 (Build 2290)

New Armored Cockpits (SV / HV):
- Added armored cockpits for SV / HV that have much higher hitpoints than standard cockpits
- Armored cockpits can be upgraded from standard cockpits

Re-Balanced all SV/HV Cockpits:
- Slightly increased Hitpoints of most T1 Cockpits
- Reduced Hitpoints and Mass of both Open Cockpits considerably (> please feedback!)
- Reduced Hitpoints and Mass of Closed Cockpit 05 to match size/block count relative to the others

Improved Game Start:
- Reduced Amount of CrushedStones need to obtain Iron, Copper, Silicon Ore in Constructor
- Added more rock resources in starter biomes
- Added Wreckage POI instead of JunkT2 so player has already a base earlier in game (only on Temperate Planet)
- Zirax POI is now sufficiently far away from JunkT2 / Wreckage

Updated PDA Robinson Protocol:
- Added skip rewards to Robinson Protocol: when RP is skipped player gets Portable Constructor, Motorbike and Detector
- Better integrated Wreckage into PDA Robinson Protocol
- Updated information given for some PDA Info descriptions (f.ex. Vessel-Build descriptions)
- Crushed Stone now also completes rock mining
- Added reference of Empyriopedia (Doctors Journal, Biologist Guide) in appropriate places
- Removed info-reference about arid playfield in temperate playfield Robinson Protocol mission

Other Changes:
- More code preparations for Unity 2018 upgrade
- Removed CPU Points from main page of Control Panel (now CPU Points are only displayed in Statistics window): It seems that some players were irritated by the prominent place CPU points had in the control panel.
- Adapted info text in gameoptions_example.yaml to make clear that CPU Points is WIP
- Decreased energy consumption of CC / CE (BACV: CC = 10PU. CE = 3PU, SVHV: CC = 3PU, CE = 1PU)
- Renamed "Body Temperature" into "Suit Temperature"
- Added energy need for RemoteConnection
- Added new (non-craftable) items for Trading: AncientRelics, ToxicWaste, AlienOrganism, Leather, Optronics, Liquors, Narcotics, Robotics, Fertilizer, LuxuryGoods, RawDiamond (not yet used for traders in the Vanilla version but you can already use them for your custom scenarios)
- Sun is now less flat to have better lighting in Creative Mode > Orbit
- Exchanged PlantMonster with Creepy in PDA (Akua-Omicron Scenario)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Not possible to add blocks to a starter block placed on a Base surface
- Fixed: Backpack sync exploit
- Fixed: CREATIVE: cannot access POI after replacing NPC type core
- Fixed: Mining rocks did not give XP
- Fixed: Survival tent destroyed when dropped and when picked up with inventory full
- Fixed: Dropping AntennaBlocks did not give back any devices
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