Posted on January 3rd, 2019 02:41 PM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We hope you all had a great Christmas and an awesome start into the New Year. We are back in full steam and just released the EXPERIMENTAL version of Alpha 9.1, which is mainly a stabilizing, optimization and bug fixing update.

Let us know what you think and please report any issues here:


CHANGELOG: Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 9.1.0 (Build 2123)

- Added possibility to texture Container Extensions (for now only with a subset of the metal texture - we will add specific container textures soon)
- Falling SI parts can now be picked up before they disappear and result in a certain amount of the used de-constructed materials
- Entity HUD info text now uses same coloring as structures
- When entering a cockpit with the connected toolbar active the vessel toolbar is displayed
- Moved default Hotkey for switching Lights on vessel from T to L
- Planet life entities will now avoid spawning in bases now

Volume/Weight Balancing:
- Balanced/Reduced Volume and Mass of all ores, ingots and components
- Balanced/Reduced Volumes of all Building and Starter-Blocks
- Balanced Volume and Mass for all large weapons ammo
- Balanced Volume and Mass for all handheld devices, tools and ammo
- Note: Volumes of S and L Devices, as well as of medical, biological and food items is not yet rebalanced.

Other Changes:
- Improved visuals of terrain decoration (trees, plants, rocks) via hue variation, shadows, better billboards, etc
- Removed player name that was shown directly above his head as we have now the new HUD info panel with health bar
- Show last selected tab in faction window
- Better aiming on Sniper T2 and Epic Sniper, better sniper scope on Sniper T1
- Cleaned up warnings and improve message if a distance range is not provided for a POI requiring such a range.
- Added special message when trying to add a block on a structure that has an indestructible core
- Allowing now also 'none'/'public' (lower case) for factions
- Removed ingame message "You are in range of a Remote Logistics Network..."
- Optimization: Reduced allocation of heap memory
- Changed: ModAPI Request_Player_AddItem not allowed while player inventory is displayed in Logistics window
- Added Localisation keys to be able to add general text for reputation information
- Updated Localisation

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Exploit with exiting a cockpit and exit cockpit inside base (you get now moved inside/very close to the cockpit, if no free position is available. Please be advised to rebuild your ships if your cockpit is surrounded by blocks or other obstacles. You need about 3 "free blocks" of space above the cockpit and a clear path to walk to it / reach it)
- Fixed: O2 display flashing when moving in a vessel at high speed
- Fixed: Players with vessels set to private get shot at by NPC factions they are Honored with
- Fixed: Akua - Omicron Scenario Warp Issues (Typo in Orbit playfield in A-O scenario leading to exception when leaving planet Akua)
- Fixed: Removing and re-placing a core leads to RED tag and Faction:none
- Fixed: When switching to connected toolbar while in cockpit toolbar was read-only
- Fixed: Symmetry plane sometimes not placing blocks correctly
- Fixed: Wifi Range does not extend beyond grid size limit and sometimes also below
- Fixed: Exception loop triggered after deleting a structure in the selection area & trying to place the selection area again
- Fixed: After changing playfields the weather is not displayed in the HUD or showing visually until a reload is done.
- Fixed: Block faces are sometimes invisible/missing in MP
- Fixed: Other players can be seen "Flying" when they are swimming in 1st person view.
- Fixed: Retrieving containers (BA/CV) with multitool gave back containers (SV/HV)
- Fixed: SV CargoContainer (Block Id: 1678) gives BA/CV Container
- Fixed: CargoContainerSV cannot be crafted (CargoContainerSV is now in blockgroup and not displayed anymore)
- Fixed: Retrieving CargoContainerSmall/CargoContainerMedium with multitool did not give back any block
- Fixed: Player turrets on vessel are not shooting or tracking enemy players or vessels
- Fixed: Issue with HUD colors with POI's using the core 'NPC Core (Admin)'
- Fixed: Faction-owned POIs were sometimes white (not using MapMarker: Neutral for faction-owned POIs anymore)
- Fixed: MapMarker: Neutral not working anymore
- Fixed: Faction Standing: Reputation given/reduce when outside territory (implemented that there is only a single repu award for ALL players in a faction if NONE is in hostile territory)
- Fixed: Steal O2/fuel with logistic
- Fixed: NearPOI revealing all POI of the same BP group
- Fixed: Several creatures were not correctly classified as "Predator" or "Prey (Otyugh, AlienBug03, Oviraptor, etc)
- Fixed: Ramps can be placed everywhere and give back large ramps
- Fixed: Missing crafting items in Constructor (added new CV landing gears)
- Fixed: POI lost its Custom Color Palette sometimes
- Fixed: Exception spam when a 'portal' is dropped on the ground
- Fixed: Not all POIs were correctly attributed to factions on Moon Nascent playfield
- Fixed: SV was floating in air in Orbit Start (empty) in Creative Mode
- Fixed: Minor typos in PDA - thanks to one of our players to pointing them out
- Fixed: Internal exceptions
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