Alpha 9.0 - Hotfix Releases - Part II

Posted on December 20th, 2018 04:27 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Our small team is still working hard on squeezing all remaining bugs from Alpha 9.

Please continue to report bugs here:

Thanks for your help!



Hotfix: December 20, 2018 (Alpha 9.0.2 - Build 2085)

- Logistics Window: Open player inventory in left grid by default and when the right side is pre-set (using 'F' key or 'Manage' in CP)
- Added large 'Lock' icon in Constructor INPUT / OUTPUT area UI to make it clearer that it is "read-only"
- Added "Default Multiplayer" scenario with 2 temperate starter planets > set per default in dedicated.yaml
- "Default Random" is now pure Single Player and Coop scenario (please do not use it for "normal" MP dedi server)
- Updated texts in PDA Robinson Protocol
- Updated POI distribution on Akua planet in Akua-Omicron Scenario
- Unique starter configuration for local coop games
- Improved Logistics window 'Cannot open container on both sides' handling
- Added more tribal deco blocks for Talon POIs

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Medic Bay / Clone Chamber did not work with code lock 0000 on Aln, Talon, Zirax, Polaris POI anymore
- Fixed: Portable Constructor not responsive after moving items from output to inventory
- Fixed: Exception when opening a container of a player made blueprint
- Fixed: Portable Constructor UI: INPUT / OUTPUT title texts not left aligned
- Fixed: Exception when closing the Logistics window very quickly after opening it (MP)
- Fixed: Invisible Decorations
- Fixed: Destroyed vessel (PDA Mission) is now powered off
- Fixed: Problem that Cargo Boxes for SV/HV were placeable also on CV/BA
- Fixed: Incorrect size range for custom scenarios when template is in default content directory.
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in logs

AI Update:
- Threat system fix - multiple target switching should now work better
- Alien Assassin movement fix
- Alien Bug 03 movement fix
- Mechanoid movement fix
- 'Worm big' attack distances tuning and movement fix
- Telluropod behavior tuning
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