Alpha 8.7: Back to Unity 2017

Posted on October 31st, 2018 08:54 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Unfortunately, we had to revert the game engine back to Unity 2017 because several internal crashes and problems appeared after the Unity 2018 upgrade. These problems were almost impossible to find during the closed tester and Experimental phase and showed up only after the public release when a high number of players were playing the game on different machines. We decided to do this step to be able to entirely focus on the upcoming Alpha 9 release and not be distracted by hunting these nasty Unity 2018 bugs.

We will revisit the Unity 2018 upgrade after the Alpha 9 release. The efforts we have invested into the Unity 2018 upgrade were not in vain because we can quickly re-integrate the Unity 2018 related changes after the Alpha 9 release. We will then again need your help in finding these nasty bugs.

Sorry for the inconveniences during this rough week with Unity 2018 and thanks for your understanding.

Please report bugs here:

CHANGELOG Alpha 8.7.0 (Build 1905)
- Reverted game engine back to Unity 2017.1


Emp Dev Team
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