Alpha 8.6.1: Hotfix

Posted on September 12th, 2018 10:19 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released a small patch for Alpha 8.6.

Please continue to report bugs over here:


Emp Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 8.6.1 (Build 1875)

- Made DSL control parameters available in gameoptions.yaml
- Added new T0 HV Stock Prefab. Thanks to XCaliber
-> with some slight texture adjustments
- Old HV T0 does not need Sathium anymore (no hardened steel used anymore)
- Removed cobalt requirement for Turret Projectile template
- Added new Junk T1 and T2 POIs: thanks to jmcburn & rainyday
- Updated TalonTemple POI and TSO Akua Orbit
- Updated textures on Open Cockpit 2 (SV) and Cockpit 3 (CV)
- Updated block info for survival tool
- Blue selection box now gets removed if 'Selection' checkmark is uncheck

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Issue with Player names in factions
- Fixed: External camera view too far away from long CV
- Fixed: Mounted vessel weapons: destroyed weapons are firing "out of the nowhere"
- Fixed: Replace mode of the texture & color tool when used on terrain causes the game to freeze in the creative mode
- Fixed: Beam of (retractable) Drill Turret and Multiturret not visible
- Fixed: Parts of bases/ships morphing/appearing on other structures.
- Fixed: Spawned docked ships don't move anymore if vessel it was docked to is gone
- Fixed: When placing HoverThruster, there should not be in CP: RCS missing, Thruster missing
- Fixed: LCDs from previous savegames turn black when being edited
- Fixed: Falling parts of a base had no texture
- Fixed: Issue with Emissive textures with bloom enabled
- Fixed: Cut removes mesh collider
- Fixed: Bug for sector map 3d pathing
- Fixed: Internal exception linked to solar panel
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