The Dark Faction DLC is Here!

Posted on February 6th, 2024 12:23 PM EST
Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Dark Faction, our first DLC ever, has arrived, bringing new mysteries, weapons, devices, building blocks, and an all-consuming, galaxy-spanning threat.

Witness the birth of a new galactic power.

Survive A new Scenario

Solo or in co-op, plunge into an intense survival story from the moment you enter the world. Wake up on the Vanguard, the ship you just saw in the trailer, and discover what has befallen its crew. This journey will lead you down a dark path, but even this corruption can be excised with new weapons and technology.

Carve Away The Corruption in Melee Combat

Melee combat is a new feature introduced in the Dark Faction DLC. Two specially crafted energy-boosted swords are one of the few things that can harm the Dark Faction. Equipped with a sword, you will also enjoy a shield for a limited amount of time. While fighting, make sure to keep an eye on your stamina.

Ballistic Trajectory Weapons

Dark Faction also brings two brand-new kinds of weapons that use ballistic trajectory: The grenade launcher, and the bow, effective in short to mid-range combat.

A New Environment Spreads

Planets that have been taken over by the Dark Faction can be clearly identified by their darker atmosphere, and their environment changes dramatically, corrupting flora, fauna, and weather. Left unchecked, the corruption will spread to new planets as time passes. Play the story to discover how to halt the spread, even liberating corrupted planets.

Build With New Blocks

Find a way to render the corruption benign and you can build your ships and bases with the new Symelit material, which looks corrupted and organic. It probably won’t eat you alive.

Dark Field Technology and More

Beware the power of Dark Field Generators that interfere with your technology, such as power generators, by crafting Dark Field Neutralizers to counteract the effect. Cripple enemy ships from a distance with the Disruptor Turret by cutting off their thrusters and making them easy prey. Even more advancements wait to be discovered!

Thank you all for joining us on this journey to new horizons. Our small team is proud of what we have accomplished with this DLC, and excited at this opportunity to offer you a new experience in Empyrion.

We would also like to clarify that as ever, work on the base game continues with free updates and bug fixes, details of which we look forward to sharing with you. If you have any further questions about the DLC, take a look at our recent FAQ on Dark Faction.
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