v1.10.5 Experimental I

Posted on November 22nd, 2023 09:26 AM EST
Hello Galactic Survivalists!

The year is about to come to its end - but not yet! In order to improve multiple areas of the game, we will release version 1.10.5 around mid-December.

Today, we will start the Experimental phase for you to have a look and review the changes and fixes.

On the content side, we would like you to enjoy the all-new models for constructors, deconstructors, and other crafting devices, the new deco indoor trees, a slew of new and updated POIs (some with the new Brotherhood of Farr NPC model added), a few new building shapes, improvements to the blueprint collection toolset, and more.

Of course, 1.10.5 also contains a list of bug fixes.

Please find all the details in the changelog below.

As always - please report each bug over here for this experimental release phase:

We wish you a lot of fun! :)

  • For now only the client is available on the Experimental branch & we have an Experimental server which will be online today shortly after this release for anyone to make use of. The Dedi server files for v1.10.5 will be available from next week on the experimental branch.
  • With the public release, we will wipe our Official Servers.
Changelog v1.10.5 B4247 2023-11-22

  • Updated Unity version to 2022.3.8f1
  • MP: We have implemented some Playfield server optimizations which you should see result in less overall RAM being used (around 1GB less per playfield server)
  • Added: New models for constructors, deconstructor, portables (constructor, water/o2 condenser, heater/cooler, Autominers) these new models have multiple parts that can be colored independently (constructor & deconstructor) & come with some new animations when they are running a task.

  • Added: DecoIndoorTrees block group with new selection of 20 trees (also added to stock scenarios IvD & DF MP)
  • Changed: Multitool T1 now using EnergyCellSmall for ammo
  • Added: EnergyCellSmall (Craftable in all constructors; 5 Steel Plates, 2 Electronics; 15 fuel value)
  • Updated FARR POIs: Replacement of Soldiers and Guards with Farr NPCs (HumanSoldiers/Elites/AlienSoldiers/Cyborg/CyborgSentinels/Shotgun/AssaultRifle); Please visit and check for issues.
  • Updated Talon Main Settlement (Omicron) (only works with new savegames / pf not visited)
  • Updated CIV/DESC POIs (Orbital Defence, Distillery, Waystation, Omicron Command)
  • Added: CornerHalfD(Left/Right), NotchedE(left/right), RampConnectorF2(left/right)
  • DialogueSystem: added variable type 'dbglobalpoi_string' and function 'SetGlobalPoiVar(name, val)'
Blueprint Collection editor:
  • Added ":tag=XXX" search possibility for tags and changed ":group=XXX" to "part word search"
  • Added decals in preview
  • Added "E" and "R" buttons for properties
  • Added statistics information for Blueprints
  • Now you can select a device by clicking on it (if the devices panel is open). Flare lights now also show up in the device list.
  • Device tab improvements (better handling of multi select editing)
  • Console command 'destroy': if no id is specified, the entity the player is looking at is destroyed
  • Added first draft of new device tab
Playfields: Ground texture and deco tweaks:
  • (Desert, MoonIce2, MoonNascent, Scorched, Snow, Arid, Barren, BarrenMetal, Lava, LavaNascent, Moon, MoonDesert, MoonIce, MoonLava, MoonLava2)
  • Removed some texture artifacts
  • Added all basic RockResources to each world.
  • Scorched: Adjusted daylight intensity
  • Added the Temperate Fungus Planet in Invader vs Defender
  • Replaced Void by a new playfield that is more interesting in Invader vs Defender
  • Allow ATMs to be placed on CVs in Default Multiplayer & Invader vs Defender scenarios
  • 00896: The player can get hit & take damage when an NPC is behind a block
  • 01009: Possible fix for Visible holes seen in terrain when arriving to a location
  • 01111: Ghost blocks remain in place after a thruster has been removed
  • 01039: Water/Lava shader need offset to support child shapes
  • 00997: ScifiTableV2 exploit + 00926: ScifiTableV2 glitches player in table when standing up from it.
  • 01105: Moving a weapontool from connected toolbar can cause an exception
  • 00983: Close window X-button not in place for galaxy map and autominer
  • 00448: When using logistics, ammo disappears when the Fill All button is pressed
  • 00515: Logistics - when connected to a cargo container turrets couldn't fire
  • 01075: After opening & closing a GUI then reloading a weapon a lag spike can be seen
  • 01087: CoQ at game start "-ERR- Exception while serializing playfield to file"
  • 01034: Water surface block the access to the underwater devices or vessel cockpit
  • 00797: Weapon movement glitch while moving in God mode
  • 01096: Placing some parts via SP tool broke the color palette for entire BP
  • 01100: Shift+LMB blocks replace feature not working with symmetry
  • Fixed CoQ with looting some dead NPCs in Invader vs Defender & Default Multiplayer scenarios
  • Fixed Trader Abbrev in Default Multiplayer
  • Fix: some factions (wastelanders, karana, tresari) were not attacked by other NPC factions (legacy, warlords etc)
  • Fixed Players getting stuck in the ventilator after teleporting on the BA_TradersTradersShuttleHub & BA_TradersFrontierHub
  • Fixed Gambling Table empty dialogue in Kenex Station
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