Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.5: Anniversary Update - Part II

Posted on August 23rd, 2018 05:57 AM EST

Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Thanks for your bug reports and feedback on EXP 1. We just released EXP 2.

Join the party and check out our new teaser:
You will be able to meet our dance crew in the Anniversary Update. Only 4 days left...

1. Please closely read through the changelog below BEFORE starting into the new version!
2. Make sure to start a NEW game in the Experimental version. (This is not a savegame break, but we might change a few things again and thus we recommend to not risk your current public savegame becoming unplayable!)
3. Make sure tor report any bug or issue over here AFTER reading through the 1st post:
4. Please make sure to report feature-specific feedback and questions about new 8.5 features and game mechanics (what you like, what you do not like, what you would want to be improved) in the pinned threads in this forum, so we can collect and review your ideas and suggestions:

You can expect at least one other EXP release before the public release next Monday.

Have Fun!
Empyrion Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 8.5 (Build 1836)

- Added retractable landing gears: For testing, we activated "Landing Gear 2" (SV) and "Heavy Landing Gear 1" (SV) as retractable landing gears
- Activated destruction of decorations by vessels
- Enabled Blink Settings for "Flares"
- Added MaxCount to turret groups (MaxCount is now applied to the whole group and not the single block)
- Using now better status effects for Shower and Survival Tent (set neutral body temp)
- Reactivated sniper zoom distance

Visuals / Sound:
- Texture tool preview texture: better contrast of texture
- Added new Plastic block texture
- Improved UVs on retract turrets
- Updated model for Drill T2
- Switched off lights now show 25% of the emissive color to immediately see if it is a colored light
- Added new POI sound "ExtraktTechno"
- Slightly increased size of flare
- Updated sound when coloring or texturing something

- Color Palette UI: Added Multi-Select Hue-Shift, Saturation and Value adjustment
- Adjusted Turret Target UI: Now using Headers for Information instead of all info at the bottom
- Added hover text for radioactivity and temperature symbols
- Updated UI Sliders: allow click-to-set

- Added dancing NPC for anniversary POI
- Added Beer as new item (no template yet)
- Added radiation immunity shot (no template yet)

Other Changes:
- Exporting now EnergyInIdle and display correctly in Block Info

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Ships will not fall through BAs on planets any more
- Fixed: Missing Textures for some NPCs
- Fixed: CV turrets cost nothing in BP and do not return components when deconstructed via Tool
- Fixed: Artillery retractable turret animation and placement
- Fixed: RtoBP not repairing missing Turrets on CV
- Fixed: Flash sometimes appearing when using texture & colour tool.
- Fixed: Portable Constructor placed in OFF mode randomly
- Fixed: Multi + Drill turret don't have sound when retracting
- Fixed: ColorPalette: Copy & Paste color slots in CURRENT palette does not update color in-session
- Fixed: Parasaurs direction sensor fix
- Fixed: Techtree not fully displayed for SV (moved some level 2 unlock to level 3 again)
- Fixed: Able to change color slot 0 (Clear Color)
- Fixed: Problem with double entry of tool turret in own group and artillery group
- Fixed: Reverted accidental use of Epic Drill model for Drill T2 model
- Fixed: NPC sound played on a Coop server if Worm was spawned

Updated EAH Server Tool:
- Added: Check Faction change event to statistic log
- Added: Credit change by tool in log
- Added: Structure limit wrong message
- Added: A8.3 changes
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