v1.10.3 Patch

Posted on August 16th, 2023 04:11 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We have just released a new build with some changes & fixes that we have ready.
Please update your dedicated server & client asap.
More to come soon!

For bug reports and errors, please post in this forum:
- https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/

For feedback on specific points, please share your thoughts in the pinned or new threads here:
- https://empyriononline.com/forums/faq-feedback.25/

Changelog v1.10.3 B4241 2023-08-16

  • Improved Blueprint Collection Tool:
    1. Added icons for BP type
    2. Added button in N menu to open BPP editor
    3. Combined blueprints + collection list. Removed favorites list.
    4. Added button to instant spawn BP.
    5. Slightly adjusted wireframe thickness of green/red boxes of blueprint parts
    6. Opening the window via N menu only in creative allowed & added filter button for "internal blueprints", slightly more space for BP list, sorting BPs in list alphabetically now, selected BP filter buttons get now brighter background
  • Add requested blank playfield template to the Example Planet
  • Explosions: added a check to avoid an explosion if the structure was deleted already
  • Hoverbike:
    1. Now allowed to go over water but with a speed reduction
    2. Improved vertical stability on rough terrain.
    3. Added Auto rotate Key O
  • Updated: Main Loca updated (manual changes + autotranslated for DE,FR,IT,SE,PT(br),RU,CHS; plz report issues to [email protected]); thx to all contributors and helpers

Guided tutorial:
Several fixes for stability, clarity, flow:
Space start:
  • Better armor locker interaction
    Salvage beach: Possible fixes for Player getting redirected back to beach:
  • Added task to access the Portable Constructor for the first time
  • Fix for task stopping when drilling Carbon early & when crafting Hoverbike very early in several combinations
Weather station:
  • Added reminder message and marker to open cargo palette
    Copper mine:
  • Added task to discover tower; prevent possible edgecase softlock if discovering Copper deposit early; message tweaks, better marker position
    Salt marshes:
  • Easier travel with Hoverbike at half-submerged beach section (Stamp: ‘Starter_7_Beaches’ very tiny tweak)
Lost Garden:
  • Clearer task description how to find buried tech cache
    Farm & Antenna
  • Added messages to inform player when skipped mining tower
HV Workshop:
  • Prevent rare edgecase HV spawn glitch
Challenge island:
  • Artillery base: Prevent softlock when destroying Sentry & Core early, placing Core early.
  • Better entry/exit point for cockpit of final SV
  • (Foothold, Tech Caches) Prevent some pre-placed cargo boxes from getting destroyed when putting a block on them.

  • 00974: Structures stop updating while building at some point
  • 01002: Structures stop updating after some time while taking damage
  • 01001: Explosion's can happen with a big delay when a big structure is taking damage
  • 00890: Collision for large thrusters is not correct and does not apply blastdamage correctly
  • 01029: HV Bike camera jitter (Only the default white model is fixed for the time being)
  • Fix UCH Diplomat forbidden blocks
  • Fix SV_Prefab_Tier5 forbidden blocks
  • Fixed: Ashon Start: Suspicious Escape Pod spawned in core room instead of hangar
  • 'Barren' playfield: Fix for typo in decoration definition
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