v1.10.2 Patch

Posted on August 2nd, 2023 04:17 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We have just released a new build with some changes & fixes that we have ready.
Please update your dedicated server & client asap.
More to come soon!

For bug reports and errors, please post in this forum:
- https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/

For feedback on specific points, please share your thoughts in the pinned or new threads here:
- https://empyriononline.com/forums/faq-feedback.25/

  • Increased Light blocks maximum ranges. Now 5m, 10m, 20m, 40m ranges are available.
  • Increased distance light from spotlight blocks are visible from (doubled the distance)
  • Added: Audio Options effects volume slider and "Reset to Defaults" button
  • Added sensor option: "Detect non-piloted vehicles", useful for motion sensor controlled doors
  • DroneBay: Speed up launch / landing process added in file BlocksConfig with the parameter "ADBDockingSpeedFac" + increased detection range to 1000m
  • Added stationary hoverbike variants as pickup/for transportation use on some starter playfields mission hubs (Ningues, Masperon, Skillon and Ashon Moon; Note: applies to not-yet-visited playfields & new savegames only); Also available at some traders (Bertrams, Interweap, Servant Corp & Aunt Marys )
  • Changed: due to popular demand, removed all Omicron locks and limitations ;) (Only applies to new savegames).
  • Changed: removed Abyssal drones from Masperon to avoid ruining REP and reduce confusion. ( note: the free roaming drones are kept, but they are in the ALIEN faction anyways) (Only applies to new savegames)
  • Changed: Rebalanced FarrBlaster (now equal to ZiraxLaser)
  • Changed: Added dedicated, rebalanced weapons for UCH, Prenn, Arkenian and Legacy(infected) Shotgun and Assault soldiers (equals Zirax Shotgun & Minigun).
  • Changed: Treaders UI lables "Buy > Sells" and "Sell > Buys" to better indicate what the TRADER sells and buys (currently it is from the view of the player, which seems to be confusing)
  • Changed: ZiraxCommander and ZiraxGuard can now be "picked up" via SHIFT-F from OWN structures for easier relocating them (without having to shoot at them with a multitool/disassemble); Both NPCs are also now individual 'blocks' and not grouped anymore. (Immersion test)
  • Bad Wolf (Masperon): added Marker for where to find Commander Ezzren after talking to Ikkenz (Only applies to new savegames)
  • Deserted Powers (Skillon): adde guidance after having spoken to the Guard to better find the captain and oltimer for starting the mission (Only applies to new savegames)
  • Clear Skies (Akua): improved guidance (markers) assistance to start the mission (Only applies to new savegames)
  • Updated some Homeworlds to the new decoration system. (HomeworldARC, HomeworldFarr, HomeworldPolaris, HomeworldTesch, HomeworldTrader, HomeworldZirax)
  • Very slight biome tweaks: Arid, Barren
Guided Tutorial:
    Space: Ship interior:
  • Starting tasks: Wording tweak for clarity
  • Fix: Missing trigger for eating cereals
  • Oxygen leak: Slightly better triggers & text clarity
  • POI tweaks for lighting if player uses best shadow setting
Planet: First island:
  • Teleporter box: Fix for swim help message playing prematurely. Added trigger for message when carrying tool and sinking into water; box is now SI stable when deconstructed
  • Added info message for Hoverbike controls
  • Fix for not getting enough steel plates when salvaging broken blocks
  • Possible fix for player wrongly getting redirected back to starting beach
Planet: Second island:
  • Farm: Increased despawn times for critical drop items: Core, BA Small fuel tank, BA Small generator, Solar capacitor, BA CPU Extender T2, Concrete farming plot, Large constructor
  • HV Workshop: Allow player to spawn in starter HV again (Set unlock cost to zero for Spotlight, Cargo box)
Planet: Challenge island:
  • Increased despawn times for critical drop items: Clone chamber, BA starter, Artillery turret
  • Reminder message for Tank third person camera / turret access
  • Added info of broken armor losing all protection, to keep EVA boost off for fighting
  • Better message cascade after closing armor locker
  • Epsilon Spaceport: Invisible commander spawn now visible; POI difficulty tweak
Planet: Dronebase:
  • Switched an invisible repeating spawner to static
  • Fix hint marker for switch to open Core Access
  • Fix for core door not opening
  • Fix for Patrol Vessels not spawning when fleeing the planet
  • Light source from the Portable Work Light block was turning off at a short distance
  • Boarding Ramps LOD were very short on the underside
  • 01011: CV multitool turret cannot be moved
  • BP Factory gives wrong message when BP is restricted by Spawn Limit
  • Invader vs Defender: The Epic Gift mission keeps triggering
  • Fixed an exception with Blueprints when loading in playfields
  • 01005: Cannot pick up a half-submerged hoverbike
  • 00478: LCD projector block distance of text the projector displays was very short
  • 01016: Underwater reflections are missing
  • O2 and Fuel tanks do not have interaction prompts
  • 01033: Preview model for blocks and devices are missing underwater
  • 00895: Signal triggering with no player in the detection area
  • 00954: Exiting from vessel in the signal detection area breaks the signal
    Fixes for exceptions found in logs sent in to us
  • Fixed: Some messaged did not display correct on Akua gamestart (with RP active) (Only applies to new savegames)
  • Fixed: Team mission 'Gas station' could not be completed (fixed item reference)
  • Fixed: Updated main Dialogues (EN) typos & grammar (thx to imlarry)
  • Fixed: In some cases of an old 1.9 savegame, the mission 'Wins & Losses' could not be started. (note: this might not fix all cases; please write to [email protected] in case of running into an issue with any mission or quest)
  • Fixed: Loca reference Golems > Hishkal updated to match changed lore naming
  • Fixed: Alien Soldiers using the growl of Zirax
  • Fixed: Bad Wolf > dead ripperdogs despawned on cage 3
  • Fixed: CutCornerB did not color correctly when mirrored. Note: A dedicated left/right variant was added for the fix to work. PLEASE RETEST!
  • Fixed: ZiraxCommander was available in two groups.
  • Fixed: Picking up Zirax Commander and Zirax Guard returned the wrong crew blocks group.
  • Fixed: Drone Bay Spawner did not return correct materials / device when picked up. PLEASE RETEST!
  • Fixed mismatched edge issues in new shape blocks; Updated device texture asset to include warm orange material.
  • Minor adjustments to geometry and UVs of new shapes.
  • Fixed some of the new shapes to fix gaps at the edges/corners.
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