v1.9.13 Patch

Posted on April 26th, 2023 04:10 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Included in this update are a few additions that are designed to help streamline your building process.

First up is the new hotkey for the Building Helper menu (N): Using CTRL + A will automatically grow the selection box for a blueprint part until it encompasses all connected blocks. This will also work as a multi-select!

Check out this video:

In addition there is also now a quick-cloning-mirroring functionality (first iteration) and other refinements for the blueprint part handling, eg. by adding additional buttons to organize them more easily.

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy building!

  • Added a new hotkey for Building Helper menu (N): CTRL + A. It will grow the selection box for a structure until it encompasses all blocks that have no space in-between. (perfect use case for construction sets)
    • if you press CTRL + A again, the whole structure will get a selection
    • expanding the selection over multiple separated structures and then pressing CTRL + A will select them.
  • Addition of clone-mirroring selection to easily clone blueprint parts (first iteration)
  • Improved Blueprint Parts handling: added buttons for DeleteAll, AutoDetect, MoveUp/Down.
  • Creative mode improvement: if SHIFT (run key) is pressed the focus box now focuses inside the target block (pressing RMB will remove it and LMB will replace it). The removal was working before, but now the focus is also placed correctly.
  • Changed Damage Wheel Indicator opacity and size.
  • DialogueSystem: added a property "DialogueState" to BlocksConfig.ecf to be used in blocks of class "NPCDialogue" to allow specifying a hard coded target dialog. If this is present, this block can be placed by users on player bases and be also triggered using "F".
  • Turrets and Weapons performance improvements
  • Changed the damage wheel opacity & size
  • Lowered the jetpack flame light
  • Added new parameter “DisableProximityLog: true/false” to the GameOptions.yaml
    Setting it to True will disable the Proximity Log button. The Default is False so Server Owners who don't want any changes do not have to do anything
  • 00883: Sentry turrets & LCD's can sometimes be invisible when arriving at a structure
  • 00864: Lag when modifying blocks
  • 00863: Some blocks take invisible faces near other blocks
  • 00866: CoQ is appearing after Teleporting while taking damage
  • Falling animation is playing when you fly a vessel.
  • Invisible Spot Light Blocks when the player is at certain angles to them
  • Fixed CoQ from UMA.UMAMeshData found triggering in MP
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