v1.9.10 Experimental II

Posted on March 15th, 2023 11:52 AM EST
Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Today we start the 2nd phase of the current 1.9.10 Experimental Version.

Thanks to your feedback, we have already been able to make some improvements and fix some bugs.

As always:
- Please post bugs and errors to this forum:

- Feedback on specific points, please post here in the pinned or new threads:

Let's go!

  • Added radial damage indicator to Vessel HUD. Now players damage will appear in red & vessel damage will appear in blue
  • Tweaked Heat Status effect: changed color + less field
  • 00493: Possible fix for Players can get stuck in the loading screen when teleporting to another structure
  • 00780: Console map holo makes blocks behind invincible
  • Fixed some weapons were unintentionally limited by the BlocksGroupsConfig.ecf
  • 00782: Player bike / Motorbike ‚vanishing‘ when placed in Survival
  • 00791: No animation triggers when transitioning from a small drop.
  • 00798: Teleporters not in the network are also blocked by Friendly-only usage limitation
  • Fix LCD Projector z-fighting (fix wasn't working on some alignments)
  • Fix LOD Distance option (Options > Video) not working
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