v1.9.2 Hotfix

Posted on January 11th, 2023 05:12 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We have made some optimizations (for CPU, RAM & VRAM usage) & some other fixes.

Please check out our feedback forums and use the pinned threads:

Any bug reports please post directly to our bug forum:

  • Optimizations have been done for CPU, RAM & VRAM usage which should show less overall usage when in game
  • Removed AssaultRifleT2 & PulseRifleT2 from the LootGroups
  • NPC weapons ZiraxAssaultRiflePlayer & ZiraxShotgunPlayer damage revert
  • Containers can show empty until you reopen them
  • It's not possible to walk though retracted ramps when placed in some orientations
  • CV small thruster flame cannot be colored
  • 1PV hand can disappear when aiming at certain angles
  • Rendering Distance of Hangar Door (6X5)
  • 600RPM Handheld Weapons can lower Framerate With Shadows Enabled
  • New flashlight/spotlight dithering pattern
  • interaction box bugged, tech deco(Level4Prop4)
  • FPS drops for clients can be seen when at least 2 players are moving in front of each other <- Another fix has been added for this to reduce stutter previously seen when players are moving around in close proximity to each other in MP
  • HV and SV T3 and T4 extenders do not cast shadows correctly
  • When sitting in an SV passenger seat you can clearly see a plane in front you
  • Fix Velocity Kinematic warning
  • Fixed missing localization entries for Base,CV,SV and HV
  • Fixed 00291 Invader vs Defender: Fixed PlanetType in SpaceWarpTarget: Resulted in Explorer Tokens not being given
  • Fixed ConsoleMap in orbit <- Now the map when in orbit of a planet (within 10km) will display the planet

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