v1.9 Experimental II

Posted on November 30th, 2022 10:53 AM EST
Hello Galactic Survivalists!

The second Experimental Phase for Update 1.9 is here! Besides improvements and bugfixes, there are some new things that we ask you to put through their paces.

We have adjusted the AI in two areas. First, AI factions can now fight other AI factions directly when they meet in a playfield.Secondly, we have created a first technical measure that AI fighters can now actively call their comrades for help. We will continue to expand this in the future.

As a second important point, there are some important changes in the area of handheld weapons, where there was a lot of overlap: It was not clear what was the difference between a "Rifle T1", "Rifle T2", "Pulse Rifles T1 and T2" and a "Laser Rifle", apart from the pure damage. For this reason, the previous model of Tiers, where there was a "T1" and a "T2" version for multiple weapons, was discarded.

Now, each weapon has a distinct behavior that sets it apart from the others. We also added new weapons (SMG, Laser SMG and Laser Carbine) to the available roster and took the opportunity to tweak some of their sound effects.

Last, but not least, we took another look at the Sprint function and added an additional Boost function. Press Shift 2x and you will sprint faster for a short period of time!

Please check out our feedback forums and use the pinned threads:

Any bug reports please post directly to our bug forum:

  • NPC new group alert behavior added (technically; not yet set for all NPC's)
  • AI-AI warfare options added to factions.ecf ( currently primarily affects Drones, Vessels, Bases)
  • Added preliminary info to newly added (?) info overlay windows
  • Suit lights now positioned on helmets
  • Added a new feature to sprinting: To activate double tap the Shift key whilst running or sprinting to get a small boost
  • New weapon models added & current weapons changes:
    Projectile Pistol, Laser Pistol, SMG, LaserSMG, Laser Carbine, Laser Rifle , Rocket Launcher & Flame Thrower

Ashon Game Start:
  • Fixed console info: wrong container name given for cockpit
  • Changed: removed fire rain from Ashon Moon
  • Added dialogue pictures to UCH and NTY report
  • Fixed: Entering Omicron Sector now activates main story arc missions.​
UI Changes:
  • Logistics / Connected Container / Toolbar (TB):
  • Merged Logistics info and Connected TB button, placed left of TB
  • Moved personal Toolbar button left of TB
  • Connect button icon changed to "Wifi" icon​
  • Issue with walking through open ramps
  • Dialogue Cone is not rendered after structure is coming out of DSL
  • Personal Cargo box missing at FoK Camp on Akua (Tales of Tash story item)
  • Incorrect collision model of the clone chamber
  • Folder LavaNascentDeepMine missing from repository
  • Butterfly NPC's found to not move at all or react to the player's presence.
  • Fixed SaN scenario playfield files and EGroups config
  • When reloading some smaller weapons (SMG, Laser SMG f.ex) the players left arm is visible
  • Lighting issue when using the suit light or torch
  • Manual control of turrets isn't working
  • New jetpack VFX are missing (not finished yet)
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