v1.9 Experimental I

Posted on November 23rd, 2022 05:27 AM EST
Hey Galactic Survivalists!

Not only on Ningues the days are getting colder. What could be more natural than to check your wardrobe and spruce it up. How you do it in the real world is up to you. For Empyrion, we've done it for you. For version 1.9, however, we have not only visually reworked the customizable basic models of the armor, but also tackled a lot of issues around the "Player Controller" and "On Foot Combat".

Among other things, the player avatar and the weapon handling have been improved with new motion animations. See below for more details.

So that you could try out the innovations directly in a fresh environment, version 1.9 comes for the first time in a long time with "Ashon" a completely new, but very challenging game start! We are curious to see how you like it.

As always, please check out our feedback forums and use the pinned threads:

Any bug reports please post directly to our bug forum:

We hope you have fun!
Empyrion Dev Team

PS: .Please note that all our official servers will be wiped with the public release!

Character Controller & Model
  • The way how gravity affects the player has been changed to make it feel snappier
  • The player now jumps slightly higher when the jetpack is activated
  • Now only possible to sprint in forward directions
  • Added new models for player suits: Interior suit, Light, Medium, Heavy & Heavy Epic
  • New jetpack model for the following suits Medium, Heavy & Heavy Epic

Gunplay / Rebalancings
  • Changes for the following NPCs bulletspread :
    1. ZiraxMinigunWeapon Bulletspread: 0.5 > 0.9
    2. ZiraxLaserWeapon Bulletspread: 0.1 > 0.65
    3. CyborgRifleWeapon Bulletspread: 0.2 > 0.7

  • Added Procedural Weapon movements to weapons & tools. Models can now recoil, sway & move down when sprinting.
    We have also added some new settings in the ItemsConfig.ecf for control over PWM to allow players or content creators to make adjustments & console command to use in game.
    How to use:
    Add these new settings to any weapon or tool in the ItemsConfig.ecf to override the default settings for PWM:
    { Child 6 Class: Movements StandingLocation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0" StandingRotation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0" AimingLocation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0" AimingRotation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0" RunningLocation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0" RunningRotation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0" CrouchingLocation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0" CrouchingRotation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0" RecoilLocation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0" RecoilRotation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0" WalkMovement: "0.0" RunMovement: "0.0" }
    Then when in a save game, equip the weapons or tools you have set this up for and use this command "lpf movements" to activate the GUI to modify settings.
    When you have found the values you think work for the weapon/tool, manually place the values for each setting into the ItemsConfig.ecf then save the file when done (use the command in game again when you are finished before exiting the save).
    See { +Item Id: 16, Name: LaserRifle in the ItemsConfig.ecf for example.

    Game World & POIs
    • Added new game start: Ashon

    • Added 'ForceAttack' enumeration to Factions.ecf to allow specific factions to attack other factions. F.e. ForceAttack: "Kriel, Predator" added to the Zirax faction will trigger Zirax to attack members of Kriel and Predator factions (WIP).
    • Replaced old POIs on Akua: Scientist Camp, Digsite, Supply Depot (thx to Stellar Titan)
    • Replaced Crown sector orbital 'Destroyed Station' with new variant (thx to Stellar Titan)
    • Updated Akua Supply Depot (now fully testable/playable)
    • Adjusted some loca PDA elements (note: issues fixed in 1.8.10 might reappear for ES, RU and IT)
    • Updated Digsite (Akua); can now be tested ingame
    • Updated Console Location Tracker preview pics (Akua)
    • Added new Talon POI lineup, replacing old POI (Stone, Snow, Wood; Thx to Vermillion)
    • Changed some POI to belong to Karana (not yet used)
    • Added new TESCH dronebase (Thx to Escarli)
    • Added more Progenitor POIs (Thx to Fractalite)
    • Added Talon airships (not yet used)
    • Added external door now opening when entering Sanctuary (Omicron) with secret teleporter (Escape Route)
    PDA updates
    • Added: PDA: new PlayfieldOp "SignalStructure: poi-name;signal-name;signal-state"
    • Added: GameEvent and PDA Check "ViewSelected" and events for BP window views BP_Library, BP_Factory, BP_Save
    • Added GameEvent "StructureProduced" with file and group name
    • Added: raising GameEvent "ViewSelected" for all Control Panel views (selectable via the tabs on top)
      Other Changes
    • Added ‘Help’ buttons to GUI, see the Logistics window in the top right !
    • Added animations to the Console Map block. Info on how this works:
      The Map is using the HeightMap texture generated for the player to draw a tessellated plane.
      The plane is centered around the player position on terrain and shows 2km around the player.
      If you were on a planet and you go to space, it will display the heightmap of the last planet
    • Texture editor does not save the saturation of the ClusterID tex
    • Vuplex CoQ when selecting an option before the video starts in the Default games starting tutorial
    • Plants can "sink" under terrain when returning to them after loading back into a save
    • LCD projector block is turning invisible & the distance of text the projector displays is now very short
    • Selecting any SYMBOL in the Color & Texture Tool results in CoQ
    • CoQ spam in Atlon Sector of the custom scenario "Invader vs defender" when near an asteroid ring
    • Deco console computer table can not be painted
    • SV Jet Thruster 3x10x3 flame can not be colored
    • Suit light doesn't get removed after a player takes off their armor suit
    • Weapons/tools dropping down to the bottom left with Armor light on switches constantly between "dropping" & "Normal"
    • Mounted weapons collision with terrain and structures is missed
    • Turrets and mounted weapons clip through structures
    • CP O2 indicator visual glitch on structures without O2 Tank
    • Warps effect screen glitch when warping rapidly to other playfields
    • Ramps (non airtight) protect player from weather effect on open space
    • Block shapes for different materials are not correct when using CTRL+RMB copying
    • Block preview model is missing underwater
    • The Player can get stuck on ramps when crouch walking up
    • Manual control of turrets isn't working
    • New jetpack VFX are missing (not finished yet)
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