v1.8.5 Patch

Posted on August 1st, 2022 05:39 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!

With update 1.8.5 we have not only fixed numerous bugs and added new features (see changelog below!).

With 'Stranded at Nemesis' we have also added a new scenario for you to play and have fun with. This is specifically a small survival challenge that we would like to offer you as a change: You start on a destroyed UCH ship and have the task to rejoin the fleet. How you do that is up to you, because there are several possible ways. ;) We are curious to see how you master the challenge! Please use the following feedback thread: https://empyriononline.com/threads/scenario-stranded-at-nemesis-survival-challenge.100395/

We are looking forward to your feedback - on the scenario and on further updates!

2022-08-01 v1.8.5 B3859

  • Added Scenario: 'Stranded at Nemesis' is a WiP challenge scenario available from the scenarios menu.

  • Added Asteria Destroyer (Thanks to jrandall) to new SaN scenario https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1780720140
  • DialogueSystem: added new database variable 'dbplayerpoipos_int' that can be used f.e. on traders in a POI and it will preserve its value even after the POI did regenerate
  • Done 00276: Added new PdaDataOp "DeactivateCurrentChapter"
  • Added more quality settings for Screen Space Reflections and Shadow Quality
  • Updated: Fully rebalanced (destroyable) deco rocks. Hitpoints and Crushed Stone drop are now based on their approximate default-size volume & size. (Note that the same model sized larger via playfield_dynamic config will not provide higher HP and will not drop more crushed stones); Please report rocks that are not destroyable/seem to have wrong values with screenshot + info about planet and biome name!
  • Updated: Updated all new (and some old) deco plants/trees with proper HP values & drops related to HP and appearance of model (Fiber/WoodLogs) (Part 1)
  • ExecuteOnActivate code is now also called when accessing blocks using logistics.
  • Changed: Quest missions are not deleted after leaving a planet anymore
  • Changed: Tales of Tash logs you found, can now be read on the Academy network-consoles in some POI of the moons with the ‘Private User History’ option (when available)
  • Changed: technical change to make quests more reliable
  • Changed: quests do not mark their location automatically anymore (the quest info has all details where to find them, though)
  • Changed: Robinson Protocol starts with a “pick up and read” list when accepted to give a better direction.
  • Changed: Robinson Protocol prompt to build a shelter is now triggered at sunrise at the first “morning” after you set up your first Portable Constructor the day before
  • Changed: PDA item no longer drops on crashsite (Info about HUD added to new PDA-mission list complete message)
  • Changed: AssaultCyborgDamaged now uses SMG instead of long range laser rifle
  • Changed: Slightly reduced amount of Corndog bushes in crashsite area on Skillon
  • Changed: Added more (dangerous) enemies to Skillon (removed Megalonopses)
  • Changed: Collection Point logic changed (removed Admin Core. Placed more loot)
  • DISCLAIMER: All changes made to Skillon will not apply in an ongoing savegame! New start on Skillon is required to see the changes!
  • Added: Scraper POI added to Skillon (thx to Fractalite)
  • Added Skillon Academy network console content
  • Added help for retrieving all tales of tash logs (usable from the Academy network consoles ‘Private User History’ options)
  • Added message when Digsite Terminus is activated
  • Added ‘conclusion summary’ message when all 16 Tales of Tash logs are found. (Can also be re-read in the Log archive and in the consoles!)
  • Added a few more infected warriors to Digsite Terminus to make the POI a little more interesting
  • Added a turret robot to lower level of Supply Bunker
  • Added: Pirates crashed vessel (prepare for Quest Lines on Skillon)
  • Added: occasional FireRain weather effect added to Skillon
  • Added PDA Action parameter "EndData" - if used that action (when completed) ends the game (with a fullscreen end picture and sound)
  • Updated: Changed Settlement Chief house (thx to Stellar Titan)
  • Updated Loca: Description for Survival Tent, Handling descriptions for Terrain Placeables
  • Updated +ExampleInstance playfield_static.yaml
  • Updated Stamp Database
  • Updated MoonTemperateStarter (Deco, playfield_dynamic.yaml )
  • Updated TemperateSwamp
  • Vuplex Webview 4.1 Update
  • 00307: Non Airtight blocks becoming airtight
  • Fixed: Most traders hat no items in their list / empty lists
  • Fixed: some POI on Omicron did not spawn reliably
  • Fixed: Frame Module Concrete did not advance Base Building Tutorial
  • Fixed: Debug entries in PDA were still visible
  • Fixed: Quest Super Fertilizer could not be completed at quest NPC
  • Fixed: Quest-Cancel on Akua-exit does create a loop when teleporter is used (Known issue: Quests could still be seen active in the questlog)
  • Fixed: plants and trees could be salvaged with survival tool
  • Fixed MP: Set Signals over Dialogues do not work
  • Fixed: Opening Telluropod loot had metal-sound effect
  • Fixed DamageMultiplierConfig.ecf not considered for blast damage.
  • Fixed: Titanium rock resource was set to the wrong HP scale.
  • Fixed some seed instabilities on Omicron (Certain POI not spawning)
  • Fixed: TribalBurialChamber NPCs did not attack player (Set to Alien faction now; 1st iteration change)
  • Fixed: Settlement Chief did not offer info about Tash sometimes
  • Fixed: Robinson Protocol prompt to build a shelter did not trigger sometimes
  • Fixed: Some Ningues biomes were made of Cobalt resource (Default Multiplayer Scenario)
  • 00274: Starter block core fall through the ground
  • 00281: Talon guardians, infected etc that don't have crossbows aren't attacking the player
  • 00243: PDA mission repeats although not set to repeat
  • Fixed bug that decals on a just placed BP did disappear when placing this BP once again.
  • 00187: Map markers set by PDA vanish from map
  • Fixed: Alien Plant 01_1 and 01_2 cannot be destroyed. Important: PLEASE report other non-destroyable deco with a screenshot in our forums!
  • Fixed: Story did not start when not completing the RP Pickup Tasks
  • 00289: Devices behind the rendering range do not take HIT damage
  • Fixed 00115: Items are not saved in an Admin Core blueprint
  • Fixed: GIN console not working for IT loca (Note: When running into a broken dialogue, please always open the console and make a screenshot of the FIRST rows of the error.)
Updated Default MP scenario:
  • Updated: Default MP Scenario Loading Screenshots config
  • Updated gameoptions.yaml for Default Multiplayer scenario
  • Fixed 00257: Tutorial does not start
  • Fixed some missing Localization Keys
  • Fixed: Some Snow Moon terrain texture was set to Cobalt
Updated IvD scenario:
  • Added Carbon Rocks to Itaka and Korro
  • Update LoadingScreenConfig
  • Updated Tutorial Videos
  • Fixed Traders show empty list (no items)
  • Fixed infinite loading screen on Korro and Itaka
  • Fixed Tutorial keeps popping up after declining
  • Fixed The Gold Freighter Mission
  • Fixed PlayerStart: that you sometimes spawn under the POI
  • Fixed CoQ on Merrex
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