v1.8 Experimental II

Posted on May 24th, 2022 07:45 AM EST
Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to Experimental phase 2!

If you have already participated in the test version, you will see a lot of changes in the list below, which we were able to implement thanks to your feedback.

New additions are the first four NPCs and creatures that populate two entirely new game spaces for the first time: air and water! We are excited to see how you like them!

The new game start including the tutorial has also made great progress! For example, the tutorial-related info messages are now only displayed if you actually choose to play the tutorial at the beginning of the game. Messages about story and quests are of course not affected by this. Also, there is now an archive or log in the PDA for both tutorial and quests, where you can look up your progress, todos and next steps, or read past messages!

Our work on the other planets is also progressing steadily. In the current update are more revised versions included!

Due to the numerous changes to the starting planets and the mission structure, you should definitely start a new savegame, so that you can test all the changes, from tutorial to NPC to the quests!

We hope for numerous feedback on how you like the changes!

As always please note:
Experimental feedback threads can be found here https://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35/
Report bugs and issues right over here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.34/
Fixed Experimental version bugs can be found there: https://empyriononline.com/forums/fixed.90/

Have fun playing!
Empyrion Dev Team

PS: Please note that for the duration of the EXP no localization languages other than English are available. Will be changed for the public release!


New NPC’s added:
  • “Annoying Mosquito” which currently “Stuns” the player (Masperon > Swamp)

  • Butterflies that give "Bandage" heal to the player ( Akua > Forests )

  • "Scraper Drones" (Skillon)

  • “Fish” (Akua > Water/Deep Water)
New Default Start Changes:
    Major updates/changes:
  • Tutorial: All tutorial related messages are now hidden except the player decides to play with tutorial assistance activated
  • Tutorial: Updated wording and setup of all relevant tutorial messages and organized them into archives so the player that has chosen to play with tutorial assistance can re-read them at any time!
  • Game Start: Adjusted barren and alien starter moons in terms of survivability and challenge. Please retest in a new savegame. Note that SNOW starter is not fully ready for game start (> EXP3).
  • Quests: Changed quest structure and setup (Note: might require a new savegame to be started in EXP2 for testing; Quests are still work in progress!)
  • Quests: For the talon quest on the temperate starter moon, players can now check and manage active quests from remote (without approaching the quest giver) via the PDA quest log. (WiP)
Other updates/changes:
  • Added: The first time a player accepts a quest in 1.8 he will get an info where and how to manage these. (this is general info for all players, with or without tutorial activated!)
  • Added (more) Carbon Rock Resource to barren and alien starter moon crashsite area
  • Added plant for anti radiation ointment to barren starter moon crashsite area
  • Added: Scraper Drones around wreckage type POIs and on Crashsite on Barren starter moon
  • Added: Annoying Mosquitos to swamp areas on Alien Swamp starter moon
  • Added: Butterflies added to temperate starter moon (forests)
  • Added: Shoal of Fish added to shallow water, water and deep water biomes on temperate starter
  • Added battered drones in space asteroid field (alien faction)
  • Added: message when first entering an obelisk (about portal/teleporters)
  • Added: Carbon resource entry added to Empyriopedia
  • Added new loot groups to Scraper Drone (Spare Parts, Coolant, Optronics) and Mosquito (Toxic Liquid, Narcotics)
  • Added: Anti Radiation Ointment to Large Wreckages personal locker on barren starter moon
  • Added: Some anti-radiation helper now available in Opportunity base on barren starter
  • Added takeover guide for taking over the Opportunity base (focus on un-claimed POIs)
  • Added: Tutorial info popup when gold is found (EVA Boost) and when a growing plot is picked up
  • Changed: Disabled test-Asteroids in starter moon space (swapped with Ice Asteroids)
  • Changed: Added small Promethium and Neodymium voxel deposits to Barren Starter
  • Changed: Added small Titanium and Pentaxid voxel deposits to Alien Starter
  • Changed: Added Cobalt voxel deposits to Snow Starter
  • Changed: Added additional rewards to the temperate farm and plantation quests (WiP)
  • Changed: Tribal Barrel, Sacks and Buckets now have more appropriate loot
  • Changed: Tales of Tash Story now also uses the organized message archives to tell the player what he should do next.
  • Changed some texts (maintenance, grammar, typos, wording)
  • Changed: Increased wreckage count on Barren starter (Please check!)
  • Changed: Increased amount on damaged cyborgs around POI on temperate starter
  • Changed: Added note/help on Digsite Terminus for opening the underground cover
  • Changed: Furnishing deco is now available in the Portable Constructor and Small Constructor
  • We have worked on some optimisations for the game which should result in your FPS increasing by at least 10 or more when inside or outside a structure (player made bases & vessels, POI's etc) depending on your hardware!
  • LOD Quality (Low, Medium & High) now sets the distance for render range of objects
Updated playfields:
Alien, Arid, BarrenMetal, Desert, Lava, LavaNascent, MoonNascent, MoonForest, MoonIce, MoonIce2, MoonLava, MoonLava2, Prairie, Temperate, TemperatePlateau, TemperateSwamp.


  • Fixed: Abandoned Dronebase did not spawn NPC/did not work (Faction changed to Alien)
  • Fixed: Blast doors in Supply Bunker trying to kill the player
  • Fixed: covered other hidden leakages in Opportunity base on Barren starter moon
  • Fixed: Set carbon voxel deposits to correct texture
  • CoQ when teleporting to Omicron
  • Ramps can retract when a vessel touches them.
  • Fixed CoQ at the Main Menu from the steam workshop.
Updated Default Multiplayer scenario:
  • Removed old starter planets
  • Added new starter moons with minor changes to EscapePod to support Multiplayer
  • Added Carbon Deposits
  • Update PreviewPictures
  • Reworked Ellyon System from random generation to a fixed Sectors.yaml
  • Update LoadingScreenConfig
Updated IvD scenario:
  • Player Request: Lowered mountain height and gravity + add Carbon Rocks to Merdar
  • Update LoadingScreenConfig
  • Fixed: Pulse Laser Turret missing (retractable) from localization
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