Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.0 - Release Candidate 2: Hotfix

Posted on June 10th, 2018 05:13 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We have another small update for you with more bug fixes. We will release the last update tomorrow Monday before the big Alpha 8 release on Tuesday.

Bug Reports: Alpha 8 EXP Release Candidate 2

Bug Reports: Solar System Generator

Bug Reports: Controller and Keymapping

All feature discussion threads pinned:

Thanks a lot for your help

Empyrion Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 8.0.8 (Build 1702)

- Removed sentries from Turret targeting
- Removed camera shake from escape pod
- Updated story POI on starter planet

- Set Deco options to Medium on "Best" preset > this should have a considerable performance boost in Best setting
- Added very detailed comments and explanations to dynamic.yaml in ExamplePlanet
- Removed comments from all playfield_dynamic.yaml
- Added new stock prefab SV Tier 2a: Thanks to jrandall
- Renamed some biome names to be different from PlanetType names (eg Lava, Barren, Snow etc)
- Exporting new params to Config.ecf: AboveTerrainCheck, TurretTargetIgnore
- Added heap output to console command 'stats'

Visuals / Sounds / GUI:
- Added ambient sounds back to all biomes
- Less fog on desert planet
- Updated some loading screenshots
- Updated SpotlightSlope and SpotlightSlopeHorizontal Icons

Updated PDA Missions:
- Updated Singleplayer missions; Removed those that do not work in the new setting anymore
- Updated Faction/Team missions; Removed those that do not work in the new setting anymore

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Compatibility issue with terrain when savegame was older than build 1685
- Fixed: Item vanish in portable (survival) constructor after pickup it
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes trees disappeared
- Fixed: Loot: Same item should not be drawn twice for the same container
- Fixed: Controls sometimes stop working after using ingame chat in Multiplayer
- Fixed: Spider and other small NPCs got stuck easily in certain rooms
- Fixed: PDA Actions panel not showing correctly when switching tabs
- Fixed: AI ship fighter : Drone spawning on ship with wrong face direction
- Fixed: Mouse / Keyboard not working after you open console during loading a game
- Fixed: PDA 'HideTasks' feature not working in MP
- Fixed: AI Vessel stop moving is some cases
- Fixed: Broken check in Coop for PDA
- Fixed: Internal exception on playfield servers
- Fixed some PDA issues:
* manually activated chapters with a briefing window armed the actions of the first task already when the briefing window is displayed
* console cmd chapter reward changed wrong chapter
* the briefing window re-activated a chapter when manually displayed via the PDA window
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