v1.7 Experimental III

Posted on December 8th, 2021 10:08 AM EST
Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Today we start the final phase of Experimental Version 1.7! Included is a very special gift that we announced some time ago and that we know is high on the wish list of many players: Crouch!

From now on your player avatar can go down by pressing and holding the C key (standard assignment). Press C twice in succession and you will remain in this mode until you either stand up (press C once) or jump, provided there is enough space above you.

In addition, some improvements to the existing features have been made for phase 3, and some bugs have been fixed.

Also new is the next story mission: Murky Christmas. You can play this mission directly by jumping to the sun of the Ellyon system. It starts there automatically.

However, a note: If you visited the ContAr1a95 system in phase 2 to see two of the new deco planets, you either have to clean up this system first (we have a howto for you in the mission feedback thread!) or you simply start a new savegame with phase 3 - which we recommend for a "clean" test of the other changes and additions!

As always, take a close look and don't skimp on feedback and bug reports!

As always, you can find the complete changelog in the attachment below.

Please make intensive use of the Experimental Bug forum as well as the topic posts pinned in the Experimental Feedback forum!

As always please note:
Report bugs and issues right over here:
Fixed bugs for the Experimental branch can be found here:
Fixed Experimental version bugs can be found there:

For discussing the new and updated features, please head over to the Experimental Feedback forum:


v1.7 B3622

First iteration of crouch enabled for the player controller
  • Through improvements to the current player controller, it is now possible for your game avatar to kneel (aka ‘crouch’). Whether behind a cover, in front of the Zirax or so that you can crawl through a narrow passage - there are many new possibilities. :D
  • To crouch hold down the C key & to toggle crouch double tap the C key
Harvestable plant models update
  • The artists have put quite some effort in our "old" harvestable plant lineup and gave them a facelift in terms of optics and quality, sometimes creating all new versions!
  • Added story mission 11 'Murky Christmas' (For ease of testing, a new save game is recommended)
  • Added message when entering one of the new deco testing planets
  • Updated Robinson Protocol initial game start reflecting status effects changes of EXP Phase 2(now you get a Dermal Burn instead a Broken Leg); Please retest
  • Updated Tales of the Past mission in regards to the changed medical items you need to get rid of the dermal parasites; Please retest
  • Slightly increased health/food levels for Easy (full) and Medium (300 instead of 250) difficulty game start due to changed status effect on game start
  • Updated/adjusted both Robinson Protocol and Tales of the Past mission dialogues and texts related to the status effect changes and other required updates. Note: Your localization might show the English default texts until the changes are made in our languages.
  • Added a few new starter POI (Synth Lab around Ancient Tower, Convoy near the Heidelberg, Bunker near the Polaris Sanctuary, Wreckage near downed SV Dart in Zirax Territory)
  • Added FXAA/SMAA/TAA Anti-Aliasing Settings
  • Updated Empyriopedia on MP default scenario to current state
  • Activated Explorers Guild discovers missions for MP default scenario
  • Murky Hollow: moved moon closer to temperate planet (To not exceed 15 AU warp range of Santa Sleigh SV)
  • PDA activating more than the first ordered action
  • Door in Cryo Prison (Tales of the Past) was not locked and lever was not used (which broke mission progress)
  • FPS drop when aiming a drill at water
  • Exception spam when reactivating the HUD whilst in a cockpit
  • Reporting to Kezzel did not advance the quest when "Additional Info" answer branch was chosen.
  • Reporting to Kezzel did not remove Report when "Skip" answer branch was chosen.
  • Default Multiplayer scenario had all factions and vessels in the starter system.
  • Fixed an exploit
Updated IvD scenario:
  • Added Christmas Event. (Follow the mission in the PDA)

  • Added Santa’s Workshop, Santa’s Express, Santa’s Sleigh and Santa’s Christmas Tree POIs. (Thanks to Decurion1965, iClustaFlux, Ray and Willow)
  • Added Santa’s Elf Hut. (Thanks to Escarli)
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