Posted on September 29th, 2021 05:21 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Here is the changelog for v1.6.2 with some fixes we have been working on. Have fun and please report bugs and problems as usual - thanks a lot!

v1.6.2 (Build 3511)

  • Updated item preview icons
  • Fixed an exception when using modded shield effects in a resumed save game
  • 08154: OverflowException spam with Vessel Torque Statistics
  • Fixed a set of decos so that they are compatible the deco knock down system
  • Fixed: An exploit
Updated IvD scenario:
  • Changes:
  • Removed v1.6 notes and added v1.6.1 notes to LoadingScreenConfig.yaml
  • Fixed trader buy/sell on Nitrocellulose (NCPowder)
  • Fixed trader MilitaryT2 not showing all items
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