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Posted on July 27th, 2021 08:46 AM EST
Hello Galactic Survivalists!

We have some more fixes coming your way with the upcoming v1.5.5 patch. Please test as much as you like and give us feedback - thanks a lot!!
Our Experimental server is also updated feel free to join!

As always please note:
Report bugs and issues right over here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.34/
Fixed bugs for the Experimental branch can be found here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/tracking-filed.91/
Fixed Experimental version bugs can be found there: https://empyriononline.com/forums/fixed.90/

For discussing the new and updated features, please head over to the Experimental Feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35/

v1.5.5 B3435

  • Updated to unity 2021.1.14
  • Added possibility to mod StackSize
  • Dialogue system: Added "PlayfieldName" to "Player" infos
  • Added Dialogue LocF() function to output variables in loca keys
  • Added information about @p0 parameter to Dialogues-config-and-examples.txt
  • Updated: Arid Starter, Lava, Desert, DesertBurnt (Fixes on POI spawns and some refinements)
  • Updated: Sanctuary (Starter Planet) now has a second exit option when entering the station using the secret entry (and not wanting to kill anyone/damage your reputation)
  • Updated story-related POI: Mining Operations (fixed shortcut issue)
  • Updated story-related POI: Sigma Fulcrum > destroying the core is not necessary anymore for completing the story. The Salurian (Warlord faction) are now a lot more present in all the 'Restricted Access" areas!
  • Updated: Sigma Fulcrum set to COLONIST faction
  • Updated: Waystation in Gas Giant starter orbits set to COLONIST faction
  • Updated some of the loading screen texts
  • Updated: Added info to the "Distraction" Tasks on 'Wins and Losses' mission that only cores destroyed by the player (not by signals or sensors or secondary destruction) does count (technically limitation at the moment)
  • Change: Killing a Pirate now gains +10 reputation with Colonists (before: +5)
  • Change: (accidentally) attacking an NPC does not lead to an instant set-back to Neutral or below anymore. Reputation-loss has slightly increased for that action.
  • Change: Water Purification and Satellite Uplink(2) moved to Colonists spawn group
  • Changed: For balancing/lore reasons, players now start at 0 RP with Kriel and all Zirax Houses (except Abyssal)
  • Updated: UCHHidout playfield now got added the new bp groups and vessels (There is not interaction with UCH yet possible; internal update for later use)
  • Changed: Planet Remnant now Polaris property to avoid "free resources" from the asteroid (Spawns have been adjusted to Alien/Legacy)
  • Changed: Using 'retrieve blocks' on trader NPC now returns Alien NPC Crew instead of Alien Blocks
  • Updated: Civil Main Trading Hub (BAO) adding a subtle "attention" sign in front of the loot container door
  • The "Copy to Selection" option is now changed to "Set Selection to BP Part"
  • TerrainEditor ('te'): preview icons of texture now also show Saturation changes
  • Added possibility to mod tracers
  • Added Wastelanders (Warlord): OPVs and Stations ( theScriptHD, Don2k7, Na_Palm)
  • Added ARC (Warlord): OPVs and Stations (Heckendiver, Gogs, Don2k7, Semp__)
  • Added UCH: Trade Station Bravo, Orbital Production (Don2k7)
  • Added Zirax: OPV Xanthidae (light corvette; -AKEVA-BANSHEE- )
  • Added Warlord: BAO Lurak Station (Robot Shark)
  • Added Tresari (Warlord): Last Resort (Escarli)
  • Added Zirax: New set of orbital POI (and replacing old ones) for XENU, GHYST and ZIRAX (vermillion, fractalite)
  • Added Traders Guild: New Trading Station >> Aeon Club (Kaeser)
  • Added/updated Kriel: OPV Overseer T1/2, Beholder T2 (Escarli)
  • Added/Updated Traders Guild: OPV Light, Medium, Heavy, Dreadnought filbertfarmer)
  • Updated: Gas Refineries, Trading Stations, Epsilon Radar Station ( -AKEVA-BANSHEE- )
  • Updated: Tugboats & Colonist Escort Series (Robot Shark)
  • Updated: Tresari Eternal Torment (Escarli), Horizon Outpost (sulusdacor), Sanctuary (ravien_ff), Legacy Matter Converter (Escarli), Trading Stations (Kaeser)
  • Added: New set of UCH orbital structures and vessels (Stellar Titan)
  • Added: New POI for ARC faction (Don2k7)
  • Added: Warlord 'Satidere' OPV (Funog)
  • Added: Zirax Solar Array BAO (Vermillion)
  • Fixed: BoF 'Hand of Farr' (-AKEVA-BANSHEE-)
  • Fixed: Freighters 'Albatross' and SMR Expedition (Escarli)
  • Public Note on POI and Stations:
  • REPORT ISSUES WITH ANY POI OVER HERE: https://empyriononline.com/threads/space-pois-update-megathread.98237/
  • For details about the POI and stations added, please visit write give feedback/bug reports over here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/showroom-submissions.108/
  • BA for ARC and Wastelanders might not be found in the game yet (planned to be integrated as new, interacive standalone factions for version 1.6/1.7!); All vessels and BAO can be encountered as part of the WARLORDS faction (for now)!
  • Added: New space wreckages from June POI Building Challenge: https://empyriononline.com/threads/june-poi-building-challenge-space-wreckage.97911 (Thx to all contributors!)
  • Updated: BoF: Gold Refinery, Castle of Farr (spanj & contributors)
  • Updated: SV Prefab - Merc MX5E (Escarli)
  • Updated SPACE ORBITs (default planetary orbits) to use GroupName for POI spawns. PLEASE check planetary orbits in various faction and non-faction locations if there are any issues with POI
  • Updated: Tutorial Swamp Planet (Tutorial Scenario) : Starter Area has now higher density of Plant protein and rocks & Removed faulty grass prefabs
  • Fixed: Swamp Tutorial Planet (Tutorial Scenario): Dronebase not spawning, Removed the drone directly at the Crashsite, POI ‚Wreckage‘ had broken SpawnPOINear, did not get placed & others
  • Fixed multiple exceptions found in logs sent in
  • Incorrect HUD position on cockpits faced not forward
  • PDA error message (Console) at end of Uncertain Outcomes missions (Blueprints not handled correctly. Please retest!)
  • Destroying containers did not contribute to 'Counter Strike II' (Please retest!)
  • Symmetry placement issues on SV Wings blocks.
  • Symmetry placement issue on Armored Windows S & L 'Side 1x2' & 'Side 2 1x2'
  • Procyon Lab was not turned on.
  • Ancient Tower explosive charge was set off by Player Drone
  • Connected toolbar items lost when loading into a "Backup" save game (SP)
  • Item loss from connected toolbar when client is disconnected from a server
  • Fixed Duplicate exploit of "DropOnDeath: false" items and "Keep inventory on death" active
  • Wrecked vessels get "Discovered" again after changing playfield & reloading the save
  • Players can take damage from weather when coming down in an escape pod
  • HV without mounted weapons shows obscure characters in weapon bar
  • Docked vessels next to the planet "Border" can get positioned wrong when returning to them
  • HV turrets throw off center of mass
  • Farr Homeworld had no breathable atmosphere
  • Carg Lift Available translated to SystemLocal instead of GameLocal
  • HV tool turrets CPU usage described and real is not match
  • CoQ triggering when enabling "Show Oxygen" in the Debug menu
  • Landing gear texture moving
  • Client can get stuck in the "Loading" screen hen trying to join a server
  • Some blocks have a white texture & cannot have their color changed (for example: stairs, windows elevators)
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