v1.4.4 Patch

Posted on March 17th, 2021 05:10 AM EST
Patch: 2021-03-17 v1.4.4 (Build 3277)

  • Added IModAPI.IApplication.GetBlockAndItemMapping() - returns a dict with name to id mapping (especially important for the dynamically assigned block ids)
  • Multiple exceptions fixed found in logs
  • Fixed dialogue typos in english main loca (plz report typos/grammar issues to [email protected] subject: english)
  • 07816: Exception when starting a new default survival game after exiting a game using a custom scenario
  • 07840: A use case of drones getting "removed" from a planet when returning to a save game
  • Fixed 07763: [MP - Player report] Save game progress not maintained when rejoining server (caused by this flag being set in the gameoptions.yaml "IsManagedScenario: true")
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