v1.2 Patch

Posted on October 8th, 2020 03:45 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to version 1.2!

Those of you, following us on the forums, twitter and Discord might already have seen a few of the additions, update 1.2 will add to the game. But as this patch has been growing a bit more into an intermediate version, there is a lot more to be found. Some additions might only seem to be visual changes, like the new Asteroid rings (which are now visible from planets as well) and other entries of the changelog below might sound like technical shenanigans, but both will prepare some of the groundwork we will iterate on for this years ‘Christmas update’.

While you venture through the world of v1.2, also mind the new behavior and attacks of the ‘Otyugh’ land predator, check the loot boxes closely for a new fire-spitting weapon and enjoy all the new POIs.

A note for builders: In case your structure or vessel suddenly loses oxygen, check your slant, half and irregular blocks, tilted windows and other elements that worked to ‘seal off’ an area before! The O2 distribution is now calculated on 0.5m scale and will be able to fill in and pass through tighter areas!

Check out all the changes and additions in the changelog below!

As always please note:

Read first before reporting a bug: https://empyriononline.com/threads/...uirements-known-issues-troubleshooting.47082/
Bug reports: https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/

For discussing the new and updated features, please head over to the Feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/faq-feedback.25/

Have fun exploring in v1.2!
Empyrion Dev Team


  • Renamed the new asteroid rings around planets from AsteroidFieldRing to AsteroidRingPlanet, keeping the old AsteroidFieldRing instance
  • GrassV2: better check for abrupt steep slopes
  • Asteroids Rings: adjusted ring texture slightly, supporting now color grading (in yaml specifiy either "color1" or "color1 - color2"), visible from planet (position is still wrong!), playfield server now generates correct colliders around all players
  • Asteroids Rings: bigger size, allow to specify the color in the playfield.yaml under Properties, default color is grey
  • AsteroidRings: slightly higher distance to planet of inner ring, taking two random colors if nothing specified in yaml
  • AsteroidRings: desaturized random ring colors a bit, increased visible near distance of dust from 50m to 150m, improved fade in of asteroids
  • AsteroidRings: tinting asteroids according to ring color, asteroids got a bit bigger to avoid vessels getting stuck on colliding
  • AsteroidRings: increased visible near distance of dust even more from 150m to 200m, asteroids get now position above or below dust to not cut into it, higher visible distance for smaller asteroids
  • MP: structure updates are now sent every 3s instead of only 5s to show f.e. shield update state in MP faster
  • Optimization: all turrets in all structures don't do any target raycasting any more if they are switched off in CP
  • GrassV2: allowing now Flower01 and other cross planes in a much higher number, scaling xz also with half y if specified
  • GrassV2: increased number of possible instances from 2.5k to 30k
  • GrassV2: set internal buffers for custom mesh grass to 1000 each as they don't occur that often (performance optimization)
  • GrassV2: Added: custom meshes, improved probability backward compatibility
  • Added option to disallow spawn nearby in PvP
  • Land predator "Otyugh" improved behavior. Added: fireball and flame breath as attack options
  • Add INFO button + popup to constructor, furnace and deconstructor UI's
  • Modders can now put changed configuration files for the default scenario (.ecf files in Content/Configuration) in Content/Mods => no more need to touch the originals which will be overwritten with each update
  • Console command 'prefabinfo': Added: description for two parameters
  • Added: Structure Attack and Defense values to allow assessing / comparing different structures in regard of combat strength
  • Added: +PlayfieldDOKU folder to playfields and Added: Playfield Ambient Sound and Soundtrack files there.
  • O2 calculation is now done on 0.5m voxels instead of 1m voxels. With that change, structures will get oxygened in much more detailed areas.
  • ModAPI: Added: some requested properties to IStructure
  • ModAPI: Added: some requested properties to IEntity
  • Solar Panel : new console command "spanel sf Parma1 Param2" will add energy = Param1 to the solar battery. Param2 is optional and is the entity Id targeted (it must be a spawned base) without Param2 the closest base to the player will be targeted.
  • DialogueSystem: Added: new variable types (dbglobalpf_int and dbplayerpoi_int)
  • Creative mode: default-deactivated CPU (CPU and m/v can be activated via console > use 'help gopt' for more info)
  • Added: to /content/playfields folder: text file each with list of soundtracks and ambient sounds (for builders and creators)
  • Added: Flamethrower and Ammo to some Traders and Loot Tables
  • Added: error message when a playfield.yaml is of 0 bytes (reported by a server owner)
  • Internal optimization: normal data for planets is now saved in cache folder instead recreated every time on load
  • Removed internal workaround that planet needed to get rotated by 90°
  • Updated: Zirax Gas Refinery (Kaeser)
  • Added: New variant for Tribal Burial Chamber (Kaeser)
  • Added: AbandonedOutpost and AbandonedWorkshop (new T1 starter planet POIs; Not yet deployed; thx to fractalite & vermillion)
  • Added: Temple of the Lazpereis (9oo9oo; POI has pre-damaged admin core)
  • Added: Civil Transport Hub T2 (by Kithid)
  • Added: dedicated HP to CV Warpdrive
  • Added: Kriel Space Drone Base ( by Escarli)
  • Added: Zirax Dreadnought (by vermillion)
  • Updated: RadosMissileBase (thx to vermillion)
  • Updated: Kriel BAO Caenum Platearum (by Escarli)
  • Dialogues.ecf and Dialogues-config-and-examples.txt: Added example for Traders to have dialogue with the choice to go to their offers
  • Trader dialogue is now saved into blueprints as well
  • Sun light color is now applied to rings and distant objects as well
  • Updated Main Localization
  • Partially updated Localization of Default Scenario (PDA and Dialogues)
  • Partially updated Localization of Tutorial (PDA); Note: Empyriopedia has been removed from Tutorial PDA until updated/restructured
  • Ring asteroids: adjusted rotation to fit the old rings better, adjusted radius to fit the old rings better
  • DialogueSystem: allowing now 30 items for all lists (f.e. Next, etc), allowing now max. 12 results (old was 7), added possibility to jump to a state defined in a string variable
  • Set back device textures to 2k (from 1k). Use texture resolution "Half" to save memory on low end computers
  • Adapted Constructor-like devices help text's loca keys
  • Added randomized dialogue quotes to walking civilians and guards in the polaris planetary trading station (Starter planet) as a first test
  • Added back old Empyriopedia to Tutorial scenario for EXP v1.2
  • DB: added index for discovered POIs to speed up query
  • DB: added index for entities to speed up query
  • Fixed: Respawning at the tent will kill the player
  • Fixed: Sun flares not showing up on planet playfields
  • Fixed: AI patrols vessels can continue to rotate & turn at the location they were stopped
  • Fixed: AsteroidRings > fixed collider being positioned wrong in MP when changing from planet to space
  • Fixed: CoQ spam with Multiple AsteroidRings in a playfield
  • Fixed: Some AI patrols vessels can continue to rotate & turn at the location they were stopped
  • Fixed: Vegetation showing in POIs
  • Fixed: [MP] AI Turrets sometimes continue to shoot at dead NPC's that are not rendered
  • Fixed: Slow / bugged terrain rendering around POIs in MP
  • Fixed: Ultra Rare Alien Containers sometimes do not have loot
  • Fixed: Cruise Mode with thrusters off does not let ship come to a full stop
  • Fixed: Vessels can get stuck inside other vessels when the parent vessels "rolls" after undocking
  • Fixed: NPC spawn on Waystation 04
  • Fixed: Food Processor is always on when spawning a blueprint in
  • Fixed: Salvaging ventilator blocks did not give back materials
  • Fixed: issue with turkish loca on some occurences
  • Fixed: ZiraxCommander (old AI) can shoot through windows/walls/blocks
  • Fixed: Ammo missing message displaying when ammo type is available in the ammo box
  • Fixed: Certain blocks/devices get wrong block picked up with SI-collapsed parts
  • Fixed: A face of the block shape "Cube Stepped Edge" can go invisible when placed next to another block
  • Fixed: "Cut corner e" can get a invisible side with concrete stairs
  • Fixed: [MP/Co-op] No sound from doors or ramps which are setup to be controlled by motion sensors
  • Fixed: [Co-op] A CoQ can trigger when trying to join a Co-op game that has a password setup
  • Fixed: Drones randomly spawning in 1 location
  • Fixed: StationServices take money from player although repair area blocked / no repair happened
  • Fixed: Logistics window shows too many item cells and 'connected color' overlay stays on screen in these surplus cells (e.g. when changing to a repair station)
  • Fixed: Planet patrol vessels will not respawn
  • Fixed: O2 does not pass through doorframes and through certain arrangements
  • Fixed: Exiting a planet or moon's atmosphere into space will result in you being kicked backwards back into the planet
  • Fixed: Pirates Raider Base
  • Fixed: CoQ after removing the container assigned to deconstructor
  • Fixed: Auto level for players & vessels when within 6.25km of a planet is not the same
  • Fixed: problem that .bin file was always regenerated on first load of the game
  • Fixed: rolling prevents (shield) damage
  • Fixed: Thrust projection for "Thruster jet M" & "Thrusters L" not centered
  • Fixed: prefabinfo does not find blueprints in Stock folder
  • Fixed: Stopped AI Vessels can continue to move if the player moves far away
  • Fixed: "Discovered by" dates are not progressing & stuck at 01/08/2474
  • Fixed: Players with to high ping dont get kicked (=> on client side there is now a popup shown if the ping is 10s higher than the limit)
  • Fix for regression that player died again when he respawned at medic station and the BA with the medic station was DSL'ed
  • DialogueSystem: potential fix for losing variable content if there was a connection timeout when starting a dialogue
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