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Posted on August 5th, 2020 04:52 AM EST
Dear Galactic Survivalists!

Today is the day: we are leaving Early Access, starting into the post-Alpha development phase.

This means:
  1. We have removed the Alpha-tag from the build number, as this term was tied to the Early Access phase.
  2. The version will now read 1.x instead of 13.x or 14.x etc. This had to happen as well to make a clear cut.
  3. Everything beyond that, development and refinement of features will stay pretty much the same. The development planning for v1.1 will start soon (after a little, annual summer break) and will also take the feedback and results of the Game Survey 2020 into account!
For those that are new to this topic or in case didn't read the announcements yet, please have a look at the links below for all the info and details!

To accompany this step forward, we also updated the trailer in some important details.

An all new trailer is planned for this year.

In terms of today's update, we have worked primarily on fixing and squashing a few more bugs. For example evergreens, like the bike launching you to space, turrets having a gentle pause instead of tracking their targets, your bases and ships missing whole areas (MP) and others now should be fixed. ;)

Please have a look at the changelog below for more info.

As fixing bugs and issues is one thing that will be more in the focus now, the same procedure as for all the Alphas also applies for the new development stage:
  • Before reporting a bug read this[]
  • Post bug reports here[]
Thanks in advance for all your dedicated help, repeated re-testing and re-reporting and all the other contributions to the bug and QA sections of the forum! :)

Keep on having fun and HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY!

Empyrion Dev Team
QA Team and Community Managers
Closed Alpha Group & Builders League

PS: You want to listen to the Empyrion soundtrack (by Alex Jordon) without running the game in the background? Here you go![]

(Build 3047)

  • Neutron star: added accretion disc (only visuals)
  • Changed plants life condition check from every 60s to 120s should fix the problem with the 'dying plants' in structures
  • Marketplace: added check to catch and fix negative prices, log error if that happens
  • Updated scenario "Invader vs Defender - Conflict of Cygnus"

  • Galaxy map: fix for "Lock Target" button not working reliable
  • Fix for problem with "lost ship after warp"
  • Registry: fixed "show on map" button
  • Fixed A12 regression that the jetpack is switched off in space when reloading into a savegame
  • Fixed: System map CoQ when switching between the Galaxy map & System map & trying to enable warp lines
  • Fixed: Large parts of structures invisible when entering game
  • Fixed problem that when the client crashes while entering an instance the player was trapped in the instance
  • Fixed: Kriel space drones cannot be targeted by player AI turrets
  • Fixed: CoQ spam from StrategicAI
  • Fixed: Space Drone corpse can still move & attack the player when they return to a playfield
  • Fixed exception when re-loading into a playfield with a Neutron star
  • Fixed: Secondary key list repopulates after client is restarted
  • Fixed: [SP] Teleporter is not turning off when teleporting away from it when it is setup to a m/sensor
  • Fixed: CustomIcon are not displayed in several places
  • Fixed: Resources not getting wiped when using command "wipe <playfield> all"
  • Neutron star: fixed jet animation
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