Alpha 12.3

Posted on July 23rd, 2020 05:11 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Today we are releasing Alpha 12.3. This will be the last 12.x version before we are leaving Early Access on 5th of august. Please read the sticky dev blog announcements[] over here for more info on that topic.

Alpha 12.3 not only adds new content, like new drone models, new NPCs, turrets and T2 laser drills for Small Vessels and such. The new version also upgrades the game to Unity 2019.4, which means a lot of backend work had to happen in the meantime.

Of course the update includes several bug fixes, as well as optimizations and adjustments - for example on the Space AI. When a NPC drone, ship or station spot's you, they will send the information to the whole faction in the system, and the faction may send some ships from the system to deal with the threat.

For new and experienced players alike, the difficulty settings now define, if you will keep all your stuff (Easy), toolbar contents only (Medium) or everything drops as before (Hard) when you respawn after death.

We also added a dynamic warp sequence instead of the old loading screen.

And in case you need to have a rest from all the exploring, simply sit down at any bench, chair, sofa or other suitable furnishings. ;)

As usual:
  • Before reporting a bug please read this[]
  • Post bug reports here[]

We hope you enjoy Alpha 12.3! :)
- Empyrion Dev team

(Build 2995)
  • Built with Unity 2019.4 - please check for any unusual behavior
  • Added new communication channel 4 for low prio client <-> dedi communication to get less player disconnects
  • You can now sit down at most of the furnishings (except beds)
  • Added updated variants of Human, Talon and Zirax Trader (Now using a styled 'Traders Guild member' garment)
  • Added TraderKriel to Trader variants
  • Updated Trading Station in Starter System with Admincore
  • Exchanged static warp drive screen with dynamic warp drive effect
  • Maxcount for Detectors set to 1
  • On connect to a server: the server now waits for a client acknowledgement per config file to lessen the traffic that is sent to clients
  • Changed CIVILIAN (static neutral) faction color to WHITE
  • Space AI Manager - added configuration documentation to ExampleSpace playfield
  • Tweaked Parasaurus flee mechanism to be less choppy
  • Moved logic for plant growing into structures (was global before)
  • Dedi now waits 40 sec for a playfield server to load a playfield (old 20 sec)
  • Added: new NPC Human (Civilian Female/Male/Officers)
  • Added: 6 Soldiers (Assault Rifle / Shotgun )
  • Trading Station Variants now all have admin core
  • Added ability to turn off the SpaceDefense feature globally and enable SpaceDefense debug log
  • Terrain Spawn: Creepy now default faction 'Alien' spawn (= It's a The Legacy beast)
  • Terrain Spawn: AlienBug02 set to Predator faction (Before: Alien; bug creatures are not directly connected to The Legacy)
  • Terrain Spawn: Hexapod & Assassins (Red and Grey) now belong to Kriel faction by default
  • Terrain Spawn: AlienCivilian and new HumanCivilians are set to Civilian faction per default
  • Added new soldiers and civilians to trading station on starter world(s) and orbit
  • Added Pirate Defense Desert and Snow
  • Added/updated Pirate Ambush Desert and Snow
  • Updated: Abandoned Reactor
  • Added new Civilian outposts
  • Updated old Civilian stations
  • Added Civilian faction to galaxy and playfields
  • Updated Stock Blueprint: CORE Avalon base
  • Added new Zirax Patrol vessels (PV)
  • Updated PV on all playfields
  • Game timing improvements (SP + MP, to reduce rubberbanding)
  • Updated Polaris Trading Station (Planet), Polaris & Zirax Orbital Patrol Vessels, Abandoned Reactor
  • Updated orbital freighters, Blue Moon Base stock blueprint
  • Added: Legacy Corruptor
  • Added: New crashed vessel
  • Removed old warp initiate sound as the new sound is played now
  • Outputting now "Cannot create mesh for block id= ... Please fix this texture!" when a trussing block has the wrong texture. Please fix these blueprints!
  • Gameoptions.yaml: added BackpackMode 0/1 to allow switching off the dropping of backpacks on death (set it to 1)
  • Gameoptions.yaml: added ClientPrivacy to allow server owners protocolling IP addresses for a limited time
  • Pulse Laser (fixed) now available to HV
  • Enabled Drill, DrillT2 and Harvest Controller for SV
  • Added Minigun Turret to SV
  • Increased EnergyIn for all vessel Laser Drills (HV,CV,SV)
  • Slightly increased mass of vessel Drill T1
  • Legacy shader updates to avoid crashes with Unity 2019.4
  • Console command 'playfields' has now GameMaster rights
  • Added hard coded cap for ROF of 0.1 to not allow more than 10 bullets per second to save network bandwidth
  • Player sends now only 10 position updates per second to server instead of fps dependent (NW optimization)
  • U2019.4 fix for shaders will increase the memory consumption for about 500MB
  • Assault Rifle and Sniper now craftable in Portable Constructor
  • DB: speeding up queries that are executed more than one time in a row by using transactions
  • DB: outputting error message if a query needs more than 50ms
  • Added DeviceUsed game event when player uses a passenger seat
  • When a block falls because of SI and you pick it up in time again, you can now specify a 'PickupTarget' override for this block
  • Disconnect improvements:
  • Sending package global player info also on low prio channel now
  • Moved some packages (chat, DB data, pinginfo) to low prio channel and also decreased ping info package frequency to 20s (old: 5s)
  • Adjusted channel priorities for less disconnects on heavy traffic servers
  • Space AI Manager update: temporarily added debug UI to release build, fixed velocity prediction, added debug display for search range
  • Added destroyed models for Trader and Polaris space drones
  • Added The Legacy space drone (no destroyed model yet)
  • HV/SV T2 Laser Drill now allowed in space and on planets
  • Added two versions of 'battered' Space Drone Laser for Civilian Faction (Not yet added to playfields)
Thanks to all our builders and community contributors!

  • Jetpack glitch through thin blocks
  • Fixed PDA bookmarks "late DB access" error and removing hanging bookmarks
  • Fixed rotation being wrong on some of the NPC consoles even if NPCModelRotation is set to False
  • Fixed regression that Depth of Field being active when looking at the far terrain
  • CoQ prevents players from being able to pick up the Portable constructor
  • Fixed Vegetation showing in POIs
  • BA turrets AI is not working
  • Fixed: Large console only available on Bases
  • Fix for error -ERR- No Animator on block with id=...
  • Forced playfield disconnects while working with Logistics
  • Space Base Defense exploit
  • Fixed: if a playfield template has the same name as the playfield a CoQ happens and this player cannot login any more
  • Fixed problem that loading of playfields (esp. on playfield servers) took way too long leading to a kill of this pf servers while loading the playfield
  • Galaxy map CoQ when placing a waypoint on a planet in another star
  • Fixed: ControlStation seating did not work
  • Fix for some scenarios not loading
  • Fixed problem that after wiping the deposits you couldn't see it in the registry any more
  • Fixed: Teleporter on TS_Bog not active
  • Fixed: Advanced Core not set as requirement for BP Factory
  • Morphing blocks from one structure to another after teleporting
  • Fixed: TurretAlien firing effect broken
  • Fixed exception with Generator Overload message
  • Oxygen distribution during decompression issue
  • When looking through a scoped weapon at an orbiting planet/moons etc they incorrectly move depending on scope movement
  • MP: Fix for exception when generator detected overload and outputs message
  • Console command 'tt': not showing warp effect but only teleport donut now
  • Registry: resource asteroids now get filtered correctly when clicking the filter button for resources
  • Fixed: Zirax turrets allowed in blueprints
  • [MP] Legacy faction vessel will not fire on player vessels
  • Fixed item exploit
  • BaseAttack Talon Shaman doesn't show flag map icon in Multiplayer
  • Fixed NW package that was sent to server and back to all clients in a loop (should improve NW performance)
  • Fixed SSG exception on exporting YAML files
  • MP: fixed galaxy map not showing focused star system information other than local star
  • AI Turrets can sometimes take too long to react to enemy targets
  • Galaxy Overview Territory isn't Localized "Discovered by FACTION"
  • [U2019.4] Graphical artifacts with the range of drawing on planets
  • [U2019.4] Graphical artifacts with the atmosphere fog revealing
  • Fixed jittering of nearby planets
  • Floating grass seen inside POI's
  • Vegetation showing in POIs
  • Potential bug fix for mechanoids rubber banding
  • Logi network range with or without Wireless device has wrong ranges
  • Fixed bug that Station Interface was not considering a general discount for repair
  • Disconnect improvements: EAC packages are now sent with high priority
  • Fixed: Maxcount not enabled for SV Minigun Turret
  • Updated EAH, see Patch Notes[]
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