Alpha 12 Experimental - Phase 4.1 Update

Posted on May 27th, 2020 07:03 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!
Although phase 4 was released just a few days ago, we have worked on some important bugfixes which we do not want to delay any longer.

That being said, this is not only a bugfix update or a hotfix to phase 4, but also adds several new elements in terms of gameplay and visuals for you to test as well! Some of these are currently work-in-progress, but - as always - require your dedicated feedback to improve them up to the next phase-release. :)

Please find the full changelog added below.

As usual:
  • Report bugs and issues here[]
  • Any bug fixed for A12 can be found here[]
  • Check known Issues List here[]
  • Fixed Experimental version bugs can be found here[]

While the Experimental phases last, we will continue to update this post[] with the latest Experimental version changelogs for hotfixes and intermediate bugfix patches.

For discussing the new and updated features, please head over to the pinned threads in our Experimental Feedback forum[].

Have fun! :)

  • Space: now using real stars and nebulas instead of skybox images. (only for games started with 12.4.1; For old scenarios: remove the Nebula/Stars property from playfield.yaml )
  • Space: POIs now will be placed within a max radius of 15000m around the center of the playfield (only for games startet with 12.4.1)
  • Galaxy Map: coordinates are now displayed as LY instead as sector coordinates
Story and POI
  • Added story intro mission: Starting The Journey (auto-activates on completion or decline of Tutorial BUT can also be activated manually!)
  • Storyline missions now require a RP of 'neutral' (Talon, Polaris); Note: All story missions can be activated manually!
  • Uncertain Outcome: Improved waypoints to avoid being guided to the wrong POI
  • Uncertain Outcome: Asteroid Mining Station now has an Admin Core to avoid ruining Polaris RP while fighting with the Zirax
  • Totally Overpowered: Removed secondary trading station from AridStarter to not confuse the pda mission
  • Human Remains: Removed creature spawns from UCH Heidelberg position on starter planets ( avoids distraction by being attacked while reading )
  • Added Defense stations for Traders Guild (thx to sulusdacor)
  • Added Polaris Gas Refining orbital station (thx to Kaeser; for now added to playfields: Asteroid, Asteroid Few)
  • Added more VOID and Progenitor Artifacts (thx to Fractalite)
  • Updated Legacy POI and ships (thx to vermillion)
  • Updated Legacy Matter Converter (thx to Kaeser)
Materials & Crafting
  • Added Platinum ( Ore > Bar > Ounce) and Aluminum ( Ore > Powder > Coil); Currently only as collectibles and for trading; not used in crafting yet. Obtainable from planetary deposits and asteroids in certain locations only (Hint: Watch out for Zirax Commanders ;) )
  • Known issue: Resource icons might not shown on some planet info cards (only number of deposits displayed; Will be fixed in Phase 5)
  • Added back Iron/Copper/Silicon ore deposits around Tutorial 'Large Wreckage' site to reduce search-frustration at game start (for new players).
  • Renamed 'Hardened Steel Plates' to 'Sathium Plates' to reflect the changed crafting logic and to reduce confusion (As of Alpha 12, Hardened Steel blocks use Titanium; Combat Steel blocks use Sathium).
  • Added a ‘proximity log’ for own structures in the registry (see new button)
  • Reduced amount of information shown in the Registry.
  • Explanation: In the old version there was way too much data shown, also it was too expensive on opening (network traffic, etc). This is the first implementation in a try to optimize the data that is shown in the registry (compromise regarding performance and usability).

  • Added offline chat messages via DB (WIP): In Private and Faction channels, you can now send chat messages to a player who is offline. He will receive the message when coming online again and opening the chat window for the first time.
Technical changes
  • Not showing star distribution on loading the game any more but only when using console command 'galaxy info' (new parameter)
  • Removed custom VC Redistributable installation
  • Better compression quality for nebulas
  • Database: API Destroy calls don’t set parameter in DB
  • Fixed NPC Spawn on Polaris Smelter POIs
  • Fixed: CV RCS could not be upgraded to T2 version
  • Fixed: Solar panel producing energy during night bug
  • Fix for sporadic CoQ when crossing the 'green wall' border on a planet with a player bike
  • Fixed error message in PF log: Kinematic body only supports Speculative Continuous collision detection.
  • Fix jittering distance labels in maps. Correct distance label in system map.
  • Fixed CoQ when taking over an enemy POI and spawners still try to spawn entities
  • Fixed problem that you could choose a freighter CV as spawn point as medic station/clone chamber
  • Fixed: sporadic exception when closing the space map before all planets were generated
  • Fix for legacy (old) scenarios not sending all playfields to clients
  • Fixed random POI overlapping bug
  • Fixed container/constructor logic on Firebase POI (thx to Pantera)
  • Fixed ore texture for Titan underground voxel deposits
  • Fixed: Missing damage state for Armor Locker (BACV) made it vanish when damaged
  • Fixed: Teleporter (CV) now returns the appropriate crafting materials on deconstruction and requesting the appropriate materials for Repair and BP Factory
  • Fixed sporadic CoQ when opening registry
  • Fixed: CoQ spam from Troop transport when loading into a save game
  • Fixed missing loca entries for Orbit Lines and other panel toggle buttons
  • Fixed: CoQ when opening Registry/Teleporter UI
  • Fixed: Thruster torque at 0 for yaw, pitch & roll
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