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Location United States of America
Version v1.8.8
Platform Windows
Website http://gaming.3rdcoastservers.com
Registered by Claed
Registered since April 16th, 2022 08:51 AM EST
Last update June 20th, 2022 08:47 AM EST

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About This Server

Running the Reforged Eden Ascension Unchained Scenario
https://gaming.3rdcoastservers.com Visit our Website
https://discord.gg/XafDZB7MFV Visit our Discord

This is almost like a completely different game, more items then you know what to do with, more classes, sub classes, new POIs and planets.. Get a different gaming experience here!

3C Reward Tokens - Craft our custom items using these (Given for vote rewards and sold on our web shop)
Pentaxid changed to 5000 per Stack
Oxygen Bottle changed to 50000 per stack

Added 3rdCoast Craftable Token Items:
3C Energy Galil - Assault Rifle with Unlimited Ammo
The 3C Dirty Harry - Sniper rifle with explosive rounds - unlimited ammo
3C Tesla Generator - Massive generators for Base|CV|HV|SV
3C Thrusters Model-X - Massive thruster power for CV and SV
3C Medic Station - Heals everything
3C RCS Model-X - Get the best reaction time from your ship using these! Only 1 needed
3C Player Alien Core - Craftable alien core with unlimited fuel and oxygen
3C Energy Warp Drive - 1000AU and 1000LY Warp Drive System - USES NOTHING FOR WARPS (Can warp without pentaxid)
3C 1x1x1 ConstructorT2 - Constructor in a 1x1x1 block size
3C DeconstructorT3 - Deconstructor in a 1x1x1 block size
3C 1x1x1 Shield Capacitor - Extra shields for your CV
3C 1x1x1 Shield CapacitorT3 - Place up to 4 of these for an extra shield bonus
3C Plasma Gun (BFG) Edition - Unlimited Ammo plasma gun, increase RoF
3C ATM - Can be placed anywhere
3C Repair Station - Can be placed anywhere
3C 1x1x1 Furnace Block - Placed anywhere
3C SV Drill (Super Miner) - Melt ore deposits with these bad boys
3C Heavy Armor - Made in the USA
3C Find It All Detector - One click and discover the entire playfield
3C Trading Station - Place it anywhere
3C Salvaging Tool Turret - Salvage like a monster
3C SV Multitool X-Model - Salvage Your own stuff or POIs using your SV
3C Galil (Scoped) - Galil with a scope instead of Grenade Launcher
3C Richie Ray Beam Cannon - Manual fire CV weapons (2 max, massive damage)

Adding more constantly! Come join us and check us out!

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