Salty Zombies Empyrion Dedicated Server

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Hostname Salty Zombies Empyrion Server
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 0 / 20
Location United States of America
Version v1.8.8
Platform Windows
Registered by SaltyZombies
Registered since April 10th, 2022 07:34 AM EST
Last update September 19th, 2022 12:52 AM EST

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Rank 42
Score 44
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About This Server


An Empyrion server, running Reforged Eden from the best gaming community on the net, Salty Zombies. We have been hosting games for the past six years and have loved every minute of it, and we now have an incredible Gaming Community Discord of over 7,000 gaming enthusiasts looking for other people to team up with. So join us and explore the stars and make new gaming friends. Salty Zombies has over 30 active admins and moderators to help you with any questions.

Empyrtion Server Features
• Reforge Eden
• Virtual Backpack
• Ship Passenger
• No Volume, weight or CPU limits
• Started Planet Resets
• Spotguard

Atlas Server
Perhaps you're weird and don't like SciFi games, and Empyrion isn't for you, making me wonder why you are on this page. However, we also have a Atlas PVE Server. This is similar to Empyrion in the sense you are making ships. But not Spaceships. You are making wooden pirate sailing ships. So you can venture across the open sea pretending to be a pirate and fight legendary monsters like the Kraken. If this type of game is for you, jump into our Atlas Discord, and you will soon find other people to team up with.

RUST Servers
RUST is renowned for being the most toxic PVP game on the planet. However, if you are looking for a place to play RUST but not PVP, we have a couple RUST PvE Server with many added PVE mods, like zombies and NPC bases, etc. The other is a RUST Building Server for people wanted to test out new base designs, either for visual aesthetics or to test new anti-raiding strategies for PVP. The RUST building server is also our RUST Minicopter Server for people to learn how to fly Minicopters and Scrap Helicopters. Its quite an entertaining sight to see lots of people who crash everywhere. We do also have a RUST PVP servers for those who like the game the way it's meant to be played. For more info on our RUST servers, jump into the RUST Discord server.

Conan Exiles
After five years of hosting just 7 Days To Die, we launched a Conan Exiles Server. Since that's what our community members voted for as our first expansion game. Luckily we had a couple of Conan Exiles Experts who knew how to run a good server and added lots of cool mods, including the massive Age of Calamitous expansion mod. So if you are interested, join our Conan Exiles Discod.

SCUM PvE Server
SCUM is a cross between Prison Break and Hunger Games. It's a popular survival game that's geared towards PVP. However, it has such a complex survival system we created a SCUM PVE Server, so you can learn it before heading over to our new SCUM PVP Server.

DayZ PvE Server
DayZ is like RUST meets 7 Days To Die, it's both hard-core PVP survival with zombies, and we just opened a DayZ PVE Server for our community members to try without the toxicity of PVP.

7 Days To Die
The game where Salty Zombies all started, 7 Days To Die. We run some of the world's most famous 7 Days To Die servers and have a vast selection for you to choose from. We have PVE Servers in the USA, ASIA and EU. We also have the most popular 7 Days To Die PVP server in the world, according to battle metrics. But that's not all. We are huge fans of the overhaul mods like Undead Legacy and Darkness Falls and host these as well.