Reserects Reforged Eden 1.10 Revamped

Reserects Reforged Eden 1.10 Revamped
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Hostname Reserects Reforged Eden 1.10 Revamped
Status Checked 5 minutes ago
Players 1 / 200
Location United Kingdom
Version v1.10.4
Platform Windows
Registered by reserectkeal
Registered since January 3rd, 2022 09:15 PM EST
Last update September 12th, 2023 09:15 PM EST

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About This Server

Welcome to Reserects Reforged Eden 1.10 Revamped
We are a close network of players who play for fun take your time defeating the factions across the universe.
ResGamingInc From the UK True story most of us are fresh players Empyrion is new to some of us.
Feel like starting on a server and dominating space well join us. We don't bite but most the
Animals and beasts on this game do....
200 Players Allowed
--- Pve (however some territories may be turned into pvp in the future)
--- /vb(virtual backpack) is enabled
--- POIs are reset twice daily (12am-12pm British timezone) DO NOT BUILD IN POIs AS WIPED (NO REFUNDS)
--- Server resets twice daily (12am-12pm British timezone)
--- CPUs are relaxed to allow much bigger ships to be built
--- CPUExtenders T4 maxcount HV 50, SV maxcount 100, CV maxcount 150, BA maxcount 250
--- Auxillary CPU's Quantum CPU's extended to 100 allowed
--- Data Chips drop rate changed to 10-20
--- Keep Toolbelt on death
--- Weight & Volume are Disabled
--- Stacksize for all items 50k
--- Teleport Distance 150LY ships 150LY for Planets Works accross Playfields
--- Generators/solar panels generate double
--- Can place 32 solars increased from 24
--- Datachips in container changes T1 10,20. T2 10,15. T3 5,10.
--- EAH Support enabled with cb:
---Scripting Enabled
--- Ores on starter planets reset Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays
--- Starter Planets Wiped each month 12am (British timezone)
--- Use Command cb:nextwipe:50 to see next wipe date
--- When the server becomes more full we will hold events - pvp and pve events

Don't Forget to do those votes "votereward" gives you a reward "votelottery" play in the lottery with your vote. Lots of goodies now.
hey guys remember it's always nice to show your appreciation for all that i do when it comes to the servers here is how you can do it