[EN/RU] Freedom Frontier [24/7 | Reforged Eden 1.5 | PVP]

[EN/RU] Freedom Frontier [24/7 | Reforged Eden 1.5 | PVP]
Hostname [EN/RU] Freedom Frontier [24/7 | Custom Reforged Eden 1.6]
Status Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 0 / 100
Location Russia
Version v1.7.1.1
Platform Windows
Website https://discord.gg/bFkgQTB
Registered by keyn_thror
Registered since September 3rd, 2020 01:08 PM EST
Last update November 2nd, 2021 01:52 AM EST

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[Freedom Frontier]

A dedicated server with custom settings and balance changes for space exploration gameplay and rewarding survival experience.

Main Gameplay Features:
- Reforged Eden v 1.6 (+custom balance and mechanics)
- Large Solar Panels on CV (work on most playfields, increased power output)
- CV Weapons and Tool Turrets work on planets
- Furnaces can be placed on CV
- CV Repair Bay T2 can self-repair CV and repair other CVs
- Rebalanced Detectors and Radars (CV better scan in space, SV on planets)
- Extended Warp Drive Range
- SV can warp between star systems up to 15 LY
- HV Hover Engines have greatly increased power, allowing even small HVs to carry a lot of weight (armor or cargo, for example).
- HV Shields have more Capacity, but consume more energy in idle mode.
- Increased amount of CPU Extenders on HV, SV, CV, Bases. Increased CPU Output of Extenders to allow more interesting builds.
- CV Teleports range covers star system
- NPC Crew save 50,000 CPU per person
- Fusion Cells have increased output (500 W/h per cell)
- T2 Fusion Cells available (1000 W/h per cell)
- Trading Station is available for crafting and placement at Bases
- Pentaxid Tanks have increased storage capacity
- Increased hunting and botany loot
- Custom food recipes

Server Settings:
- 24/7
- No wipes (*only after big game updates*)
- PvP
- CPU, Mass and Volume enabled
- POIs do not regenerate
- AutoMiners have slow speed but more capacity
- Blocked trusters don't work
- Trading enabled
- All Blueprints allowed (size class limit = 50)

Server Rules:
- Cheating = Permanent Ban
- No griefing or harassment