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December 8th, 2017 04:57 PM EST

Sadly Im the one vote by accident that I wish to recant.

December 8th, 2017 04:50 PM EST

If you want a server with a ton of rules and a power tripping admin (Captain Hammer) then this place is for you. The server owner Baron was nice but unfortunately Captain Hammer undid his work and made it a most unpleasant experience. My friend was just farming to level up on day 1 and did not get mats and they have some rule you need to off by level 15. They give you nothing much to start to help get you off quickly so it takes a bit. Then there is suppose to be some other place where you can level up before pvp until your a level 25. But because he leveled up in less than one day Captain Hammer kicked him off the starter world and tossed him into pvp with hardly anything separate from us.All he had was a lot of plants and stuff cuz he was just farming the garden they provide and hunting herds. When they saw his level 25 there was a lot of yelling from C Hammer and forced him off in a rude fashion. He had been on starter for less than a day. And because of the rule that you cant go get the mats on the second planet to stock for pvp if you are a 25 they tossed him into PVP away from his group at a complete disadvantage compared to the other pvp players who got to stock up.

Still our player was a good sport but then later that night the admin Captain Hammer helped the enemies with info to his base and watched them gang up on him. So that was that for that server and we all decided this wasn't the place for us because of the manner which Captain Hammer conducted himself and the interference and lack of consideration of the matter.

So player beware if you level up fast they will treat you like a criminal.. There are a lot of rules and youll have to review it a lot to understand it all.