v1.5 Experimental

Posted on May 19th, 2021 10:01 AM EST
Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to version 1.5 Experimental phase! As we detailed in the announcement and the blog posts, this is a code-heavy release, but it has a lot of nice additions to offer for builders, explorers, mission runners and beyond. Check out the version 1.5 Dev Blogs over here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/news-announcements.6/

Without further ado, please carefully read through the changelog below.

More info and specifically set up feedback threads can be found stickied in the EXP feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35/

As always please note
Report bugs and issues right over here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.34/
Fixed bugs for the Experimental branch can be found here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/tracking-filed.91/
Fixed Experimental version bugs can be found there: https://empyriononline.com/forums/fixed.90/

For discussing the new and updated features, please head over to the Experimental Feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35/

Have fun testing! :)
Empyrion Dev Team.

Mandatory maintenance: Due to changes in the game configs (additions, changes,..) everyone using CUSTOM config files (locally or for published scenarios) needs to update their custom files to these changes!

IMPORTANT: Scenario/local versions of ItemsConfig.ecf require at least the settings of the following entry to be added, otherwise scenarios might not start: “+Item Id: 549, Name: MeleeHunter”

Change log: v1.5 (Build 3360)

AI ChangesNew start
  • The following currently only relates to Temperate Starter:
    1. Escape Pod now lands automatically (You can still look around)
    2. Items and devices removed from Escape Pod and Player inventory; Survival Tool and Flashlight are dropped around the Escape Pod.
    3. Added (skippable) tutorial mission (Robinson Protocol I + II) auto-activating on game start, helping new players to learn basic survival and building mechanics
Global Changes on game start and related settings
  • Escape Pod can be set to land automatically in the playfield_static.yaml (FixedPlayerStart section); Uses new particle and impact effects as well.
  • Items can be set to be dropped around the Escape Pod in the playfield_static.yaml (FixedPlayerStart section)
  • Removed player ability to sleep in the Escape Pod
  • Survival Tent (and all beds) can now be used for sleeping at any time of the day
  • Survival Tool now automatically picks up mined ores to the player inventory
  • Survival Tool Resources mode can harvest plants and trees for fiber and wood logs (before this function was tied to Defense mode)
Weapon ReworksPDA Additions
  • PDA: Added optional and ordered Actions
  • PDA: removed "Cannot activate chapter because..." message for not activatable chapters with chapter activation set up
  • Added PDA playfield op "StructPower"
  • PDA UI: Improved ordered action text by showing the ">" char next to the checkbox (not fixed on left side as before)
  • PDA clr <chapter-num> now also removes chapter from rewarded chapters
  • Added: Brotherhood of Farr faction, POIs and vessels (initial integration. More tbd; thx to a LOT of builders + spanj!)
  • Added: Farr Homeworld
  • Added: Interest planets: Arid/Desert are MAIN interest worlds (large settlements/presence); Temperate/TemperatePlateau/TemperateSwamp/Barren nare SECONDARY interest worlds (lower presence)
  • Changed: reconfigured naming of internal folders of npc faction homeworlds and related playfields
  • Updated playfield example files with info about new parameter 'FactionTerritory'
  • Added 'FactionTerritory' (list of strings) to playfield.yaml and space_dynamic.yaml to allow specifying a list of faction territories a POI can spawn in.
  • Changed: Legacy laser turrets changed to proper green variant (TurretAlien)
  • Added new turret color and projectile variants for NPC factions diversification.
  • Added Posters now available at the GIN Store (Available at each GIN console in trading stations and alike)
  • Story: Updated Tales of the Past (new tasks/locations/dialogues)
  • Story: Updated Crashed Birds (formerly Human Remains) with new story elements, directions and tasks
  • Story: Updated Totally Overpowered (changed mission start)
  • Story: Updated A Glacial Grave (formerly Offworld Grave) with certain details and bugfixes
  • Story: Updated Ancient Revelations (added proper guiding to mission; updated POI to make it easier to navigate; nerved the enemy count a bit)
  • Story: Updated Uncertain Outcomes (smaller task flow changes)
  • Story missions are now spread over the starter system.
  • Story: Updated story chapters 1-6 PDA (F1) detail info with info on how to proceed (clarified/updated info given)
  • Changed: Sigma Fulcrum approach dialogue now points towards speaking to traders instead of barkeepers (only speaking to traders will advance the search for Yarod)
  • Sigma Fulcrum (mission) station is now civilian and all NPC with a gun will now shoot at you (easier to identify the threats + accidentally shooting other NPC does not lead to the station turning against you anymore)
  • Sigma Fulcrum (station) now has a GIN console. Being neutral ground there is now a way to turn in credibility seals at any time at the SF station.
  • Updated Story POI: Ilmarinen, Sigma Fulcrum (thx to ravien & escarli)
  • Updated: Updated Story POI on Arid and Snow starter. PLEASE retest story chapter 1+2 on those starters (Robinson Protocol will not work there)
  • Added Farr: Temple Prime and Farr Crash Site to Farr Homeworld (unique POIs; thx to spanj & Co)
  • Added Satellites: Deep Space Telescope, NavSat17 (thx to don2k7, -AKEVA-BANSHEE-)
  • Added UCH Trading Station , Protea Station (thx to don2k7, -AKEVA-BANSHEE-)
  • Added new Tribal Defense Tower for Talon (thx to vermillion; added around Tribal Ziggurat)
  • Added Colonist OPV '[JLN] MAC Cargo' (thx to RtBucco)
  • Updated: Tribal Ziggurat (Talon), Xenu Spaceports (Starter and normal version), Theta Labs (adjusted starter version); thx to vermillion
  • Added: Colonist Trading Station (thx to JupiterVesselCorp)
  • Updated: Abandoned Bunker (vermillion), FarrHQ (spanj)
  • Updated Solar Plant (Pirates; thx to suluscacor)
  • Added: Com, Exploration & Spy Satellites (Mechastophiles/Germanicus/Arthmoor)
  • Added Colonists: Legionaire (RtBucco), Polar Outpost & Procyon Lab (-AKEVA-BANSHEE-)
  • Added UCH: Trading station (-AKEVA-BANSHEE-)
  • Added Pirates: Satellite Uplink stations & Water Purification Plant (oldladysheck; updated by sulusdacor)
  • Change: Trading Stations (planet and space) are set to regenerate (for MP; no effect in SP default)
  • Added: TESCH Tracker (OPV) and Pentaxid Defense (BAO) ; thx to Escarli
  • Added Tugboats to Junkard AsteroidFields (thx to Robot Shark & others)
  • Added more OPV & POIs to Brotherhood of Farr + some updates (thx to spanj & others)
  • Added Tresari orbital defense and Skaar ground defense (both Warlord faction; thx to Escarli)
  • Updated Abandoned Dojo (thx to vermillion), Croesus HQ (thx to Kaeser & ravien)
  • Added: Brotherhood of Farr > Drone Base, Castle of Farr, updated Bank of Farr; thx to Don2k7, Semp_, goldwingknight)
  • Added: Pirates > Orbital Bar & Base Type 101 (thx to sulusdacor)
  • Added: Various com/mil/science satellites (thx to DarkestWarrior, Don2k7, stubert812)
  • Added: UCH > Jensons Hope (thx to -AKEVA-BANSHEE-)
  • Added Warlord OPV: Hoplite, Kasagi, Tianlong
  • Added Abyssal POI: Resource Nexus, Floating Defense T3
  • Added Pirates POI: Hyper City, Solar Plant
  • Added Tesch OPV/POI: Defense T1, Utility S6
  • Thanks to contributors: HeckenDiver, 鯨鯨鯨, styLmntz, TiwBras, Fractalite, sulusdacor, Escarli
  • Added: SandCrawler base (Pirates), thx to theScriptHD
  • Added: Magpie (OPVWarlord > Helios Foundation [HF]), thx to Kithid (modified by Escarli)
  • Added TESCH faction OPVs: Formatter (Battleship) and Resetter (Dreadnought), thx to Escarli
  • Added: OPV Rutile (Warlord faction) thx to Finsterwolf, modified by Escarli
  • Added: OPV Advanced Vector (Tesch faction) thx to Escarli
  • Updated/added: Epsilon Hangar, Serdu Defense I-III (thx to vermillion)
  • Updated: Kriel Subjugator (thx to Siege Inc.)
  • Added/updated Legacy OPVS: Decimator, Devastator, Eradicator (thx to vermillion)
  • Added new TESCH OPV: Spike (thx to Escarli)
  • Added new Warlord OPV: Eternal Torment (Tresari faction; thx to Escarli)
  • Added: AbandonedDojo (BA)
  • Added: Kriel Nexus (BAO)
  • Added: New set of Epsilon T0 POIs (BA)
  • Added OPVs: Val'ruun Courser (Pirates), Skaar-Scimitar (Warlord), Skaar-Makar (Warlord), Outrunner (Warlord; original creator: Vreenak), Valiant (Warlord; original creator: Dadrick), Dreadmaw (Pirates; original creator: Triconflict)
  • Updated Small Settlement (Talon) with new Player POI Spawner
  • Thx to all creators & contributors: filbertfarmer, theScriptHD, Fractalite, Escarli, sulusdacor
  • Updated: POI group updates on Test Scenario.
  • Updated Warlord, Tesch and Pirate faction OPVs
  • Fixed several Pirate OPVs (thx to sulusdacor)
  • Fixes on BP prefabs DD Lokrum and Velebit Luxuries bases
  • Upd: Removed Abyssal Small Science vessel from spawngroups for now.
Models & Devices
  • Added separate glass material copies for use with heavy windows - assigned them to the heavy windows. Changed the Inv/inside window tint opacity to make sure it's more transparent.- Added: Talon charged laser crossbow
  • Added Non-device Player Spawner for BA-POIs (has no model so it can be fit wherever you want; Preview mode like for NPC Spawner)
  • Added: Heavy Windows (patterned); No preview-icons yet. PLEASE TEST for symmetry, painting etc.
  • Added: Toilet (modern) available from deco furnishings group (no preview icon yet)
  • Shield can now be active again when warping
  • Changed: reduced range of handheld detector to 650m/1250m (planet/space)
Invader vs Defender update
  • Merged Dialogues.ecf & Dialogues.csv with Default SinglePlayer
  • Merged TokenConfig.ecf with Default SinglePlayer
  • Merged TraderNPCConfig.ecf with Default SinglePlayer
  • Add RepMatrix to DefRepuration.ecf
  • Removed Default PDA Pictures as they are read from Default Content Directory
  • Set Sun to SunRandom in Sectors.yaml
  • Update PDA > Add new Empyrionpedia Entries about the Game
  • Updated Many Space Playfields to new AI Vessel & Drone Config
  • Reworked BlackHole from FixedGen to RandomGen
  • Added ErestrumResource to Terrain.ecf on Alpol
  • Reworked Alpol from FixedGeneration to RandomGenenration
  • Reworked AtlonSector from FixedGen to RandomGen
  • Removed GrassGreen02D from Playfields due to Grass v2
  • Add Containers.ecf
  • Add CredibilitySeals as very Low Drop to some NPCs due to not haveing Default SinglePlayer Missions
  • SinglePlayer mode: protect player while a dialog window is open by deactivating/pausing the following game mechanics:
    1. Player status drop (food, health, etc.)
    2. Environmental hazards (effect of temperature, radiation)
    3. Timed affliction (buff) progress
    4. AI (NPCs/creatures/turrets don't attack)
  • Added: BlocksConfig/Dialogues documentation about using Skills in dialogues and in conjunction with modifying available block/device parameters
  • Added: BlocksConfig parameters > Added info about 'ExecuteOnActivate: YourDialogState' and 'ExecuteOnCollide: YourDialogState' to head area of blocksconfig.ecf
  • Added: Dialogue function > Added info about new function 'CallLater(Seconds,FunctionName)' to head area of dialogues-config-and-examples.txt
  • Dialogue System: Added 'OpenDevice' to easily access the device whose window is currently open
  • Dialogue System: Added IModApi's IApplication, use Application.xyz to use its functionality
Console & Configs
  • Add property 'RepairToTemplate' to BlocksConfig.ecf to allow excluding (rare or special) blocks from repairing to template to avoid exploits.
  • Updated StatusEffects.ecf with new parameter 'NextIsWorse' for status effects that get worse (indicate a direction)
  • Added file name to error message if space dynamic yaml has syntax errors.
  • Console command 'destroy': added '-dead' as 2nd parameter to show death model, if not specified the entity will get removed immediately
  • Added possibility to load a playfield from a scenario using console command "lpf <template name> -scenario '<scenario name>'".
  • Updated BlocksConfig.ecf and ItemsConfig.ecf inline docu about new parameter 'ShieldMultiplier' and weapons damage in general
  • Added server-side anti-cheat feature "short session monitoring" - this is configurable in dedicated.yaml under "ServerConfig":
    ShortSessionMinutes: 0 #how many minutes of a client play session are regarded as "short session" (0 = disable short session feature completely) ShortSessionCountToLog: 0 #after how many consecutive short sessions write a warning line in server log (0 = disable log feature) ShortSessionCountToBan: 0 #after how many consecutive short sessions ban the player (0 = disable ban feature)
Solar System and Playfields
  • Playfield.yaml: added property AllowSavingBlueprints (default True) to disallow saving of BPs in playfields (f.e. in PvP playfields)
  • SolarSystemGen: added possibility to have solar systems with two stars (2nd star only decoration) by specifying a "CompanionStarClass" (f.e. CompanionStarClass: M) in GalaxyConfig.ecf
  • Solar System Generation Space: added possibility to specify a GroupName for space_dynamic.yaml POIs (instead of only a POI list); if a GroupName is specified and no DisplayName then the DisplayName is taken from the blueprint's DisplayName
  • Added entity 'Generic' to allow specifying decoration entities, f.e. gas clouds in space playfields (also for modders, will post information how to use it soon on the forums)
  • Added ShowInDistance and LOD0Distance to playfield yaml and dynamic space yaml to allow drawing decoration entities in the distance as well (more information will come soon)
  • Updated +ExampleSpace with new setting for AI space vessels avoiding area configuration.
  • Planets without atmosphere now use the same sun color as its orbit (only if OrbitUsesLightColor is NOT set) to make orbit/planet transition closer
  • Planet outside view: improvements for sharper visuals (f.e. on moons)
  • Grass: if YScale is specified, the XZScale now uses the exact same scaling
  • Set splat map stamps in tga format to not compressed as the alternative tga loader wants it that way
  • Added PfServerWeight to space_dynamic.yaml to be copied over to playfield.yaml
  • Added IModAPI.IApplication.GetBlockAndItemMapping() - returns a dict with name to id mapping (especially important for the dynamically assigned block ids)- XRefActivate now supports negative logic for enabling a GameObject if device gets disabled
  • Exception when using projectiles loaded from an asset bundle, returning to main menu and resuming the game
  • Small fix to thruster particles so that particles do not stop from time to time without reason
  • Mounted weapons exploit
  • Fix for resource asteroids being transparent
  • Fixed: Credibility missions could not be completed, although destroyed cores were counted.
  • Fixed: Blocksmap.dat was not written in MP games, leading to problems if the order for blocks that have no id in the BlocksConfig.ecf changes
  • Possible fix for "temp allocator" warning message
  • Fix for harvesting is not putting items directly into inventory
  • Fixed: Ambassador Hyzanis vessel did not spawn in asteroid field
  • Fix for being able to use 'Proximity Log' button in registry although it was not allowed
  • SSG: fixed CoQ when the new resources (aluminium, ice, platin) were used
  • Truss blocks have no shadows
  • Fix for modded crosshairs bundle not getting loaded if vanilla game was loaded before
  • Driller: fixed problem that items got dropped twice when using the "retrieve blocks mode"
  • Fixed Sigma Fulcrum: Hostile Salurian troops now are using warlord faction instead of alien.
  • Console cmd lpf: small fix when used ingame
  • Items crafted in the survival constructor don't get stacked in the output cells
  • Fixed: issues with dialogues for GER loca.
  • Fixed Sigma Fulcrum: Hostile Salurian troops now are using warlord faction instead of alien.
  • Fixed issues of dialogues in GERMAN loca sometimes leading to a CoQ/Exception
  • Fixed: Thruster M (T2) only had 100 HP
  • Fixed: issues in dialogues config and csv leading to CoQ
  • Fixed: TSO_Variant2 had alien spawns (now "same as base")
  • Potential fix for modding API Event_Player_Info not sending ping information (please give feedback if it works)
  • Fixed “Explosive devices” not giving damage to shields
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