Version 1.5: Experimental and Public release

Posted on May 12th, 2021 10:36 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Without further ado, you can save the following dates about the version 1.5 experimental and public release.

Experimental version 1.5 will launch on tuesday, 18th of may.

Client and server files will be available from that date. Feedback threads and more info will be added to the experimental sub-forum by then:

Please note: For being able to test all the features of version 1.5, starting a new game is mandatory, as updated missions, POI and related cannot be updated on already existing saved games. There is also the chance that it might become necessary to start new, in case we need to update the experimental version with critical fixes on these content items.

Reminder: Creating POI and missions with the experimental version will lead to issues when they are used in version 1.4.x! You need to wait for version 1.5 to release them to your subscribers!

Public version 1.5 release is currently scheduled for tuesday, 1st of june.

This date might still be subject to change. As always: depends on how well the experimental phase goes. :steamhappy:

Please note: Although v1.5 will NOT break saved games, starting a new game with version 1.5 is highly recommended, as the updated missions, POI and related content cannot be updated to previous saved games.

Our public servers will be wiped with the public release of version 1.5 as well.

Read you soon!
Empyrion Dev Team
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