Posted on February 4th, 2021 04:57 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!
We all hope you had a good and healthy start in 2021! :)

Today we are releasing Version 1.4. We invested quite some time investigating and improving several topics, for example finding a better solution on how explosion damage is handled, adding more elements to the customization system (including the possibility to add sounds, crosshairs and entire asset bundles!) and giving all those scenario builders additional 2048 new free-to-use Block IDs!

In terms of content we added new POIs, some factions now will fight each other, you can now use the Connected Toolbar with Traders and the Empyriopedia has received its first major work-in-progress update, now adding/including information and details about solar systems, suns, planets, ships, characters, explanations on all the new game mechanics (since Alpha 10) and more.

Please have a close look at the changelog below. More info about certain topics, explanations and a chance to give your feedback on them can be found stickied in the feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/faq-feedback.25/

We would also like to thank our team of volunteers working on the game localization and translations of currently about 10.000 lines of text! General game localization, PDA missions and Dialogues have been translated to over 85% in the last months for most of the main languages!

As always please note

Report bugs and issues for the public release right over here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/

For those that followed the EXP version:
Fixed bugs for the Experimental branch can be found here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/tracking-filed.91/
Fixed Experimental version bugs can be found there: https://empyriononline.com/forums/fixed.90/

For discussing the new and updated features, please head over to the Experimental Feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35/

Have fun exploring v1.4!
Empyrion Dev Team

UPDATE: v1.4 (Build 3258)


Explosives changes
  • Explosion on structures is now calculated on a voxel base, not on blocks any more. This results in explosion not penetrating through solid blocks any more (esp. none regular cube blocks, f.e. windows or thin walls). With this change, the damage distribution will change, but we took care to keep mostly the existing damage values.
  • Console cmd 'di' was enhanced with 'di expv' and 'di expr' to show damaged voxels and explosion rays to them.
  • Explosion damage: corrected linear interpolation of damage (was too high before)
  • Explosion start position: small change so the start position is not within a solid voxel to avoid the explosion damage travelling into a structure if it shouldn't
  • Explosions: now combining explosions that happen at the same block position.
  • Add parameter for console command 'di bdinfo <entityid> [clear]' to show the block damage
  • Explosion damage: optimization to not process blocks that were not damaged (shown as green voxels now in 'di expv' debug view)
  • Explosion: better calculation now when a turret is hit.
  • First working version of decal gun. Please add a 'decalsdef.txt' to 'SharedData/Content/Prefabs' containing all decals the gun can use (same syntax as decals.txt).
  • Decals guns: add MP support
  • Decals: allowing to add Unity GameObjects as decals (models, particle effects, etc) by specifying "[email protected]/objectname" in the decals text file for a decal
  • Decals: added support for audio files (ogg and wav supported). Use "Audio=<filename>", "AudioVolume=<0 - 1>", "AudioMinMaxDistance=<min>,<max>", "AudioPlayMode=Single|Loop" to configure it
  • Decals: added AudioDoppler=true|false to be able to switch off the doppler level on a decal (default true) to avoid any pitch change when approaching an audio decal with speed.
  • Video decals: setting size to very small until video is loaded to avoid showing a white background for a short time
  • Structures with decals saved as Blueprints will now also save the used decals.
  • Structures now also save placed decals.
  • Decal system: added -Glossiness: [0-1] to decals.txt to allow transparency without reflections
  • Added SharedData/Content/Prefabs with some example data for the decal gun.
  • Added possibility to mod the crosshairs: put a "Crosshairs" asset bundle into the "Bundles" folder of your scenario and add textures with name crosshair_normal, crosshair_focus, crosshair_aiming, crosshair_ship into it to override the existing crosshairs. Let us know if you want to change the crosshair on a per item base.
  • Now also scaling the crosshair for the ship controller with the screen resolution.
  • Improved crosshair modding: allowing to specify a crosshair now on a per item base, use Crosshair: @bundlename/crosshairname in ItemsConfig.ecf. Use crosshairname_focus for the focused state, same with crosshairname_aiming and crosshairname_ship for the ship hud.
Additional info for crosshair modding
  • changed crosshair modding in a way that every item can now have its own crosshair. specify Crosshair: @bundlename/crosshairname in ItemsConfig.ecf
  • the bundle "bundlename" must contain a texture (with alpha channel) of name "crosshairname" that is used as the crosshair.
  • if the bundle contains additional textures "crosshairname_focus" (for the focused state), "crosshairname_aiming" (for the aiming with red dot active), "crosshairname_ship" (for the ship crosshair), they will also be used
  • there is the possibility to replace the default crosshair by using a bundle with name "crosshairs" and a texture with name "default" (and "default_focus", "default_aiming", "default_ship")
  • Not possible to use Logistics Network with sell/buy from traders
  • Money cards will be used if in player's own or the Connected Toolbar (CT)
  • Items will be put in CT (if visible when buying) and in CC if available
  • Added console command 'damage' that toggles between SI and damage debug view of structures. Attention: for the switch to work correctly you need to reload/regenerate the structure you want to see the damage values
  • BlocksConfig: supporting now 4096 blocks in total (old: 2048). For blocks >= 2048 no Id tag is supported any more but the mapping will be done dynamically using name to id mapping tables that get added to savegames.
  • Blueprints: internal version increase to version 28. internally saves now block id mapping. do not use BPs created/changes with version 1.4 in older versions of the game (f.e. 1.3)!
  • Allowing to mod items with bundles now. Please specify @bundlename/GameObjectInBundle for Meshfile or DropMeshfile in ItemsConfig.ecf and add this asset bundle to SharedData/Content/Bundles in your scenario.
  • Added: some properties for ModAPI some interfaces
  • Added: description for console cmd 'gm ic' that makes the player only invincible.
  • Added: Colonist Mining Outpost (thx to Kaeser)
  • Added: Croesus Ore Mining orbital station (Colonists; Thx to Kaeser)
  • Added: Colonist Waystation 5
  • Added: cmd prefabinfo now accepts special group name '$own' to process user blueprints
  • Added: Scenario Workshop publishing now allows png files (needed for transparency)
  • Added: Control Panel's Trader and Spawner properties now use searchable dropdown lists
  • Added: Scrollable dropdown list searches are now case-insensitive
  • Added: Caching of network packages that should result in less memory fragmentation in MP games
  • SharedData: added file extensions .ogg and .wav to also update audio files.
  • Increased scenario limit from 200MB to 500MB once again
  • Nebula visible distance: set back 250LY (fixing bug that they were visible nearly through the whole galaxy)
  • GalaxyMap: showing stars of different size now also in different sizes (but clamped between size 10 and 14 to avoid too small and too big stars). Also desaturizing colors of distant stars.
  • Space View: showing flares around distant stars smaller.
  • Vehicle controller : Player exiting vehicle will now reset the pilot mode to the center (if active) and stop the movement and the rotation of the vehicle
  • Updated/added inline / head area documentation info on BlocksConfig.ecf, Containers.ecf and Dialogues-config-and-examples.txt based on 1.4 additions
  • Updated GalaxyConfig Non-Territory Space: added Warlords faction (default hostile/non-interactive), Increased percentage of Pirates, Removed DESC faction
  • Changed: Cargo volumes of containers are now correctly calculated by model shape based on using VolumeCapacity as a base value.
  • ParticlesAudio: added script for playing a sound effect on a particle spawn/death (please be aware that this can bring down performance if used wrong).
  • XRefActivate: added support for particles with a checkbox if transform is a particle effect (in that case Play/Stop is called).
  • Ammunition in structures (turrets, fixed weapons) is now manged internally in the structure and not with the block meta values any more.
  • If a block model cannot be found, a dummy white cube is added and an error is issued. Before that change, the loading of the game was aborted.
  • Asset bundle loading: now unloading external asset bundles when going back to main menu. With that change it is enough to resume a game from main menu to test changed bundles (don't need to quit the game any more).
  • DialogueSystem: removed line limit on OptionExecute_X. Supporting now <nl> tags in all code tags.
  • DialogueSystem: added IsFactionDiscovered() to find out if the local player already has discovered the specified faction
  • DialogueSystem: added function SetNPCName('name') to allow changing the title of the dialogue window during a running dialogue. Call SetNPCName(null(
  • Faction discovery: only showing POI for respawn of a faction that the player has already discovered now
  • Token.ecf: now supporting MarketPrice for tokens
  • Trader window: now showing correct custom icon for tokens
  • Talking to trader entities: reputation check is now only done on factions that have reputation enabled.
  • Added: 'Tags' column in Blueprint list in BP window
  • Medic station block: in NPC POIs the access is controlled now by the reputation (needs to be friendly or honored). So you can remove the 0000 public access lock code in medic stations/clone chambers.
  • Optimized story game start (first PDA mission) for a more fluent experience
  • Solar System Generation: added MoonOrbitType, Faction, FactionAvoid to PlanetTypes
  • Solar System Generation: added WarpTargetOrbitTypes to GenerationParams
  • Faction.ecf: ignoring and outputting error message when you try to set Friendly/Unfriendly/ClaimTerritory to a player faction
  • Proximity log for playfields is now limited to the playfield the player is in (request from the PvP community).
  • Factions.ecf: added flag AttackNPC for NPC factions allowing to attack other NPC factions that have this flag enabled
  • Factions.ecf: Admin faction needs to have 'NPC: false' set
  • Factions.ecf: fixed problem that Friendly/Unfriendly flag only worked when NPC was not set to false
  • DefReputation.ecf: correct wrong example for rivalry reputation matrix
  • Not showing ingame message "Cannot damage this block with this weapon" if a rocket is used.
  • Changed: Moved Characters back to Empyriopedia
  • Changed: Moved Faction info back to Empyriopedia
  • Changed: Grouped stroy progress in Journeybook
  • Loca update: Main scenario, Tutorial
  • Changed: Factions Zirax, Legacy, Kriel, Pirates, Alien will now attack each other
  • Updated: Loca Dialogues
  • Updated: space_dynamic.yaml for +ExampleSpace (corrected drone setup)
  • Empyriopedia: Added new Planets and Resources overview + updated Factions and Characters
  • Empyriopedia incremental update #2 (adding sectors, celestial objects, ships, drones, info about new game mechanics since ~A10/11)
  • ControlPanel: LootID field allows now 4 character (instead of only 3)
  • Solar System Generation: added possibility to have a SolarSystemConfig_Defines.yaml to specify default PlanetTypes, MoonTypes, POITypes, OrbitTypes that can now be omitted in the other yaml files
  • Containers.ecf: allowing now 1023 container ids (instead of 255)
  • Updated Attack/Defense values for all prefabs and stock prefabs
  • Added/Updated: BarrenScorched (+Orbit), TemperatePlateau, DesertBurnt, Lava Orbit, SolarSystem Type G (thx to Escarli & Needleship)
  • Updated: Solarsystemconfigs (adding the aforementioned)
  • Drone yaml file config : remove the need to define the drone Type in the Stock description
  • Updated some planetary playfields: replaced faction creatures (f.ex Assassins = Kriel) with Legacy creatures where appropriate
  • Updated EGroupsConfig.ecf: added new groups for infected creatures
  • Updated ItemsConfig.ecf weapon entries of planet and space drones
  • Updated EClassConfig.ecf space/planet drone entries
  • DialogueSystem: SetNPCName('name') will now also work within one dialogue state
  • Added new POI and OPVs for Pirates, Warlords and Kriel (thx to sulusdacor, Escarli, jrandall)
  • Updated: Starter system gas giant moon orbits (SpaceOrbitSectorStarter) now have no heavy combat vessels anymore
  • Updated: Starter System orbits & starter system sector orbits drone & opv setup updated to new syntax
  • Updated: +ExampleSpace (removed double-entries from Freighter setup)
  • Update: ajusted snow planet night color tint + added new description text for playfield.
  • PDA: Improved rewards presentation (own area with icons)
  • Space: slightly bigger distant stars (15%) and less star flares to have more crips distant stars
  • Changed: Inital Base Attack in Tutorial Scenario now weaker/only stun drones
  • Sun flares in space: corrected flares to use right colors, also adapted size a bit
  • ItemsConfig.ecf: added RepairCount for items to specify how often an item can be repaired (before that it was hard coded to 7). For now it is limited to 0 - 7.
  • Added possibility to not show a sun flare + model on planets by specifying "SunFlare: EnvironmentalEffects/SunFlareNone" and "DayLightIntensity: 0" in playfield.yaml
  • BlocksConfig.ecf: replaced "Voxelize: false" with new property "OccupySizeInBlocks: true" to indicate that a block shall occupy its full block space
  • Reduced Drone count in Starter Orbits
  • Updated +ExampleSpace config
  • Added: Syreem Destroyer (Warlord faction; thx to Escarli)
  • Scenario "Invader vs Defender - Conflict of Cygnus": fixed/updated NPC Trader buy/sell items
  • EscapePod: supporting "Spawn: EscapePodLandAtPos" now to allow forcing the escape pod at the specified x,z coordinate. The escape pod cannot be controlled in that mode.
  • Updated ItemsConfig.ecf: added info about new 'LifetimeOnDrop' parameter
  • Changed: Nerved the laser turret T2 in the Ilmarinen (Derelict Mining Ship / Ancient Revelation mission) loot room (3-4 Rockets should now destroy it). Plz retest.
  • Changed: Swapped standard soldiers for Abandoned Assembly Yard to infected variant. Plz retest.
  • ItemConfig.ecf: added property "LifetimeOnDrop" that specifies in seconds how long an item will live after dropping it. Default is 200 seconds. Please only increase this time if ABSOLUTELY needed as lots of items can bring down the performance of a server, but also in SP.
  • EscpodePodLandAt: now per default in "Alt Look Mode" to make it easier for the player to look around
  • When looking at an NPC of a faction this faction now gets also discovered
  • Corrected output of console command "faction discover <faction>"
  • Changed: deactivated shields for dronebase on starter planets
  • Updated: Xenu Dronebase (thx to vermillion)
  • Added ARC Bronco & Explorer OPVs for Warlord faction (thx to HeckenDiver, modified by Escarli)
  • LOCA update on Dialogues, PDA and Tutorial. Thx to all contributors!
  • PDA become broken on open second time
  • New PDA chapter's Group and Faction parameters don't work in Coop/MP
  • Xenu Dronebase starter terrain not removed
  • Cyborg not shooting at player when being attacked
  • PDA Exception when resuming a Creative game after a Survival with active ChapterActivations
  • Orbital Trading station variant 3 had locked doors
  • Trader window not showing token names correctly
  • Exception and outputting error message when a trader entity was not defined in EClassConfig.ecf
  • Exception when a dialog state was not found.
  • Exception when a trader type was not found.
  • Possible fix for Alien/Human Soldier NPCs running out of ammo (please retest!)
  • Missing loca string on end of Wins & Losses mission
  • SV laser drill icon missing in the weapons bar
  • Wrong calculation for Blast damage area
  • Blast damage goes through 1 layer of blocks
  • Crosshair needs to scale with Screen resolution
  • Each relog gives free Unlock Points
  • Use case of AI drones tracking & firing at a player who is under terrain
  • exception when multiple devices and blocks explodes
  • Possible fix for exception on a pf server when structures use decals
  • Fix for explosion damage different in MP and SP if multiple rockets hit the same block at the same time
  • Explosion damage: fixed problem that not the whole area around an explosion was taken into consideration, leading to checkerboard patterns sometimes.
  • 'Faction' and 'FactionAvoid' in SolarSystemConfig.yaml
  • Star search dialog: fixed problem that [Sun Back] was not showing in result list, removed duplicate star results
  • Decal videos can appear blank after teleporting
  • Decals: fix for assets not showing up in MP
  • Decals: fixed "-ColliderMode=Collision" not working for model decals. fixed regression that scaling was not working with the decal gun.
  • Decal gun: fixed regression from last build that decal videos did not scale correctly
  • Decal gun: fix for not able to select and reposition '3d model decals'
  • Decal gun: fixed scaling not keeping aspect ratio
  • Fix for sometimes not possible to load into a game in MP
  • Fix for decals not getting saved when placed with the decal gun.
  • Fix for pistol fire animation sometimes stopping on wielding the pistol the first time
  • SharedData and LocalCoop: fixed problem that files > 1MB were not transferred resulting in a connection break.
  • Fix for lagshots with hitscan weapons in MP
  • Stopping an AI vessel by destroying the core doesn't allow players to move inside
  • Problem that turrets had problems firing at players that were moving (fast).
  • Explosion on voxels: BlastRadius is now used correctly also for 0.5 blocks
  • Container CoM moving to the edge of container when adding items
  • Repeated PDA info popup on resource deposit drilling
  • Blast damage doesn't apply if the player exits from a turret before the shot hits it's target
  • Server-side muted players should only be globally muted in private and global chat channels
  • Colored background panel of an LCD projector stays visible even if the structure is not powered
  • Flamethrower getting affected by wind zone leading to strange visuals
  • Loading screen: logging to console if a screenshot cannot be found
  • Vessels getting repositioned either below or above where were left upon returning to them
  • Reputation of not yet discovered factions could be changed with GIN/Amabassadors
  • Credibility Seal ZIRAX did not update reputation of Zirax Houses
  • IsFactionDiscovered not working / leading to exception > check updated syntax example in Dialogues-config-and-examples.txt!
  • Item loss in dropboxes when cargo containers use more than 64 cells
  • Instance container drop logic (possible fix)
  • NullRef, DroneGenericData.Init() when GameStats : EnumGameStats.IsAIManagerEnabled is set to false
  • Powering off landed ship causes repositioning of player inside it
  • Volume capacity tooltip info is not the same as what is shown in the logistics window
  • Fix for sporadic log error output "Material doesn't have a texture property '_MetallicGlossMap'"
  • Another fix for showing distant nebulas in space: starting to fade out at 50LY now, until 250LY they are fully faded out
  • Corrected trader discounts in scenario IvD:Conflict of Cygnus
  • Weapon targeting ranges for space using planet ranges
  • Shields not taking damage when turrets are being fired on
  • AI space vessel stops after you discover it
  • Fixed exception when using modded block values on blocks that are using a dynamic id (blocks that did not get an explicit id in BlocksConfig.ecf)
  • Small fix to galaxy map to allow two suns at the same LY coord now (2nd sun is only decoration).
  • Blocks survive explosions at negative HP
  • Possible to enable shield just before warp starts
  • Playfield server crash related to undocked vessels
  • Fixed playfield server crash reported from CA server in "Galactic Trading Station"
  • [MP] Solar panel LED's will not light up until the panels get touched
  • Place objectives without range limit
  • Faction discovery: player gets RP / can interact with factions he did not discover yet
  • Extra sunflare at night on atmo-less playfields close to star
  • Introduction text of 'Meet the GlaD' not visible in mission description
  • Faction discovery: fixed regression from B3251 that also player factions and "none" faction could be discovered
  • Discovered NPC faction is not shared within player faction (FOR SAVEGAMES BEFORE 1.4 ALL DISCOVERED FACTIONS NEED TO GET REDISCOVERED)
  • Fix for sporadic problem that structures got lost in space with a log message of "-WRN- Entity 'name' with id=X on pos=(x, y, z) is out of the playfield (5), removing it"
  • Use case of docked vessels sinking
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