Alpha 12 Experimental - Phase III

Posted on May 6th, 2020 07:14 AM EST
Hi Galactic Survivalists!
Welcome to week 3 of Alpha 12 Experimental.

For all those waiting to get hands on the dedicated server files: With phase 3 we made good progress in terms of performance and functions of the database and in fixing issues related to the server files. That being said, although the changes now have to be tested with your help in the current update, we are quite confident that next week's phase 4 will have the server files included eventually! :)

Please also note, there are a few more adjustments to be made for phase 4, which will result in a savegame break for your current, running savegames - which will also result in a full wipe of our Experimental Server.

Although this might be a bit inconvenient, but as you know: only new games, started with each phase will have all the changes on playfields, POIs and missions - as these game elements, unlike config changes, do not get updated in a running savegame.

[ New mission: Offworld Grave ]

As usual:
While the Phase 3 lasts, we will continue to update the following post with the latest Experimental version changelogs for hotfixes and intermediate patches:

For discussing the new and updated features, please head over to the pinned threads in our Experimental Feedback forum:

  • Added toggle button groups for private, faction, others to filter results
  • Traders Guild is now an intractable faction (you can change your standing up and down now)
  • Updated Reputation actions for Traders Guild
  • Adjusted reputation points of other factions (reduced/adapted gains and losses; please check ingame NPC faction screen)
  • Added / Full rework: Human Remains Solo Mission (WiP, Test Ready!)
  • Added: Offworld Grave as follow up to HR (WiP, Test Ready!)
  • NPC dialogue system: added function DeltaTimeToString()
  • DialogSystem: added control element "@d<n>" to set typewriter effect speed for current page, use "@d0" to show remaining text immediately
  • Updates/ fixes on Talon/Polaris/Zirax quest missions ( Approaching targets should now work again)
  • Added Polaris Shuttle T1 ( PV )
  • Added OPV Corvettes for Pirates ( Original creators: urialia & Sulusdacor)(Note: Space Base Defense not yet set up)
  • Added new settlements for Polaris ( now following the "Polaris Style") + swapped all Polaris-held CivilSettlements on all playfields to new design group
  • Re-added Civil Settlements (remaining POI) to playfields
  • Added new water-floating settlements for Polaris on Ocean playfield (incl. Defenses!)
  • Added Kriel Defense T1 (by vermillion)
  • Added PV for Zirax (XenuCutter; Not yet added to PV group)
  • Updated Rados Fuel Depot Desert variant
  • Added more POI to Traders Guild faction
  • Added Traders Guild to more planets Now available at: Temperate, TemperateSwamp, Desert, Arid, Snow, Ocean, MoonDesert, MoonForest
  • Added more 'other' factions to galactic faction territories (Check ContentConfigurationGalaxyConfig.ecf for details)
  • Added Kriel Empire to all planetary playfields (They only spawn their POI in their galactic territory, though)
  • Added Pirates to all Planets and Moons Main bases are often found on desert and forest moons; Ambush POI are most on the lush planets but also spread a lot; Waystations are seen on places where the Pirates only want keep up a presence for whatever undisclosed reason.
  • Removed mapdistance/huddistance from all playfields (where not necessary) as it breaks scanning mechanic and is not necessary anymore (except you want to really hide a POI from the scanners)
  • Added Crashed Legacy Infector to AlienLegacy playfield
Thanks to all builders and contributors! :)

  • Extended space playfield area also in SP from +/-50k to +/-100k. Only outside this area, the warning message will appear
  • Supporting "Main" as a faction in playfield yamls to take the faction from the territory ( 'Faction: Main' ). If no territory then this POI will be left out
  • Armored Windows S now made from TitanPlates instead of Hardened Steel (Sathium)
  • Reduced output of Fiber (40>30) and WoodPlanks (60>50)
  • Fridge (HV and SV) now available in Portable Constructor
  • Reduced PowerBar Food points to 45
  • Reduced CPU on Generators ( related to reduced power output and other changed parameters )
  • Reduced CPU on Harvester (HV)
  • Ground repulsor engine for HV : torque decrease from 10 -> 5
  • CV Projectile Turrets can now be crafted in Large Constructor as well
  • Updated Armor Locker model for BA and CV as a preview test
  • Detectors can now also be fired underwater
  • Changed submarine-style scanner ping to a more sci-fi variant
  • Time in character window is now shown in "game time played" and not in "real time" as it was before
  • DB: optimized query for getting medic station on player death, added info what BP got spawned
  • DB: writing now player inventory on every player data save. added possibility to execute multiple update queries with one call
  • DB: Added deadticks and isdead to Entities
  • DB: added entity death timestamp, added bool if structure was spawned from BP library
  • The structure .txt files are not written into the Shared folder any more. Instead of that, we put this information into the DB table StructuresHistory
  • Relaxed timing for threads
  • Set Animator component to "AlwaysCull" on a lot of turret/weapon animations to improve performance (a bit)
  • Optimized Animator component on doors and retractable weapons to not be active when not needed
  • Stripped down some dedi unity prefabs for better performance of playfield server: CockpitSS04Prefab_dedi, VentilatorEdgeRoundMediumHalfPrefab_dedi, PassengerSeatSVPrefab_dedi, TurretMSCannonRetractPrefab_dedi, TurretMSMinigunPrefab_dedi, WeaponSSMinigunRetractPrefab_dedi, FuelTankSVSmallPrefab_dedi
  • Optimization from pf server profiling: mapped SphereCast to Raycast for all none player checks for "which structure we are on".
  • Added automatic VC Redistributable installation to fix missing dll dependencies problems
  • ModApi.IPlayfield: added SolarSystemName and SolarSystemCoordinates
  • ModApi.IBlock: Implemented Get/SetTextures, added SetTextureForWholeBlock, added equivalent methods for colors
  • Fixed: Waypoints from space mirroring to the ship on the planet
  • Fixed: HUD markers do not show the shortest direction on a planet
  • Fixed: Wrong fps logging of playfield servers
  • Fixed: NPC dialogue arrow showing too high on HolographicAIConsole
  • Fixed: NPC dialogue system > fixed bug that when using OptionIf the wrong index was chosen if options were "thinned out"
  • Fixed: HV > unexpected oscillation with very light HV
  • Fixed: Polaris floating POIs
  • Fixed: HV ground repulsor engine switching back on unexpectedly when switched off in control panel bug
  • Fix for not possible to spawn blueprints in some orbit playfields (2nd try)
  • Fixed retractable weapons and hangar doors in MP
  • Fixed: Registry > fixed exception when a bookmark was corrupt
  • Fixed: Registry > corrected bug that when in faction private stuff was not displayed reliable
  • Fixed: Player window > fix for "day X" not displaying game time in days correctly (game time is roughly real time * 6)
  • Fixed: Waypoints from space mirroring to the ship on the planet (fixed special case)
  • Fixed: Devices morphing onto docked vessels (FIX UPDATED)

  • Fixed: CoQ regression if starting a new game and opening character window
  • Fixed: PDA > On re-log chapter-activation done even for active and repeat-waiting chapters and for not / no longer repeatable chapters
  • Fixed: PDA > fixed exception when starting a Creative game
  • Fixed Totally Overpowered intro (Finding TOP Manager on Akua Orbit)
  • Fixed: Serdu Monastery sunk into ground (plz retest)
  • Fixed: Devices morphing onto docked vessels
  • Fixed: NPC blocks showing only T-Pose
  • Fixed: Remove Seed from Game Start > CoQ
  • Fixed: Nothing is shown on devices for Energy in or out when the Italian [or Spanish] language is being used
  • Fixed: Ship cruise mode UI pin indicator not moving bug -> fixed
  • Fixed: [Possible fix for] Radial menu can become frozen when using "Back" whilst a device window is open
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